Mike Lindell Started New ‘Vote Center’ And It’s Run By Riot Attendees On The Capitol On Jan. 6

It has been a year since Joe Biden was sworn in as president, but pillow tycoon Mike Lindell still spending big to promote suppression of elections and support Donald Trump lies that the 2020 election was rigged. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Lindell said he is cashing out at a rate of one million dollars a month to support a range of right-wing groups and activists.

To add to the bill, Trump’s staunch ally says he is spending a quarter of a million dollars a month on a new election conspiracy group, Cause of America. What makes this What was unique about Lindell was that the group was led by two women who attended January 6 uprising at the US Capitol.

Lindell’s massive monthly burn rate and the addition of a new team to his prolific “Big Lie” operating portfolio show that, months after the circus audited Arizona’s six million dollars offers no more than embarrassing headlines, there’s still plenty of money left for conservatives activists who want to re-suit the 2020 election over allegations of voter fraud and bizarre voter fraud .

The January 6 experience of two of the group’s executives, Ashe Epp and Holly Kasun, also highlights how, a year after the uprising, veterans of the “Stop Theft” protests ” and Capitol riots are now welcome beyond just joining the conservative movement. election activities, but to lead it,.

“I’m paying all my wages to Cause of America,” Lindell told The Daily Beast. Trump-affiliated Honcho MyPillow says he’s still spending money “burning millions a month” to support a range of like-minded individuals and causes motivated by “Big lie. Although Lindell did not provide documentation for these claims, in an interview he said he gave $1.1 million last month and $1.4 million in November.

“Because America is our website. I wanted to set up a go-to hub,” continued Lindell, explaining the purpose of the group and the site. “It’s an information hub, and it’s a communication hub. Anyone interested in reaching our network can contact us at Cause of America. Think of it as a library of evidence and information… There are groups in nearly all of the 50 states we’re working with, and Cause of America is just one way we all stay connected. . ”

So far, however, it’s been hard to say exactly where that currency is going. The group’s website only hosts links to election-related news, court documents from various lawsuits attempting to overturn the 2020 election, and a common form that potential volunteers can “give out” [their] expertise” or “connection” with Lindell apparel.

Lindell announced the launch of Cause of America in a 96-hour televised competition on Frankspeech, along with Epp and Kasun, who before leading his team were two election conspiracy theorists involved in the United States Election Integrity Plan (USEIP) based in Colorado.

Under the leadership of Epp and Kasun, USEIP carried out a strange search for fraudulent ballots in August 2021, use the voter roll to go door to door asked registered voters if they would vote in the 2020 election and who they voted for in an effort to demonstrate fraud in the state (where no Republican presidential candidate has yet been found). draw won since 2004).

The group has also proceed with a lawsuit by a Republican Colorado senator against Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold demanding a “full forensic examination” of the 2020 election, similar to the election by MAGA activists in Arizona.

Lindell reached out to the USIEP co-founders, whom he hadn’t met until last fall, after sifting through a variety of resumes for positions. Two new Cause of America executives join a small but growing group of January 6 attendees who are dedicated to the base activities and even run for the office pursued many of the insurgents’ goals.

Neither Epp nor Kasun have been arrested or charged in connection with the riots and neither responded to questions from The Daily Beast. But both went public about their presence at the Capitol on January 6.

Epp, The American Cause partner operations manager, joined rioters on the west side of the Capitol next to scaffolding erected for Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“I have never concealed the fact that I was at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6,” Epp wrote in a blog post last year and added that she “really tried to make my story about the supposed uprising popular among my personal and professional contacts.”

She claimed she was “doing nothing wrong” and was “managed by the US Government when I was nowhere near the violence and without warning.” In a follow-up interview with Correspondent for Colorado Times Recorder, Epp says she’s “in the back of the Capitol, where people are breaking in through the windows.”

Review of Epp’s since Parler’s account was deleted—Found in a mark posts by social media accounts shortly after the uprising — shows police taunting Epp on January 6 and a day after. “All they did was give me a free airborne chemical shell,” Epp wrote in a reference to tear gas exposure at the Capitol. “My girls and I are laughing so hard, we’ve almost fenced ourselves in,” she added, using the former Vice President’s last name as an epitome.

During the day of the uprising, Epp’s Parler account alternated between criticisms of Republican lawmakers for their lack of opposition to the electoral vote count— “They really didn’t know what was going to happen. out #treason” —is a mixture of conspiracy theories about antifa being behind the riots and justifying violence, regardless. “You don’t back a lion into a corner”

“This is the best [sic] part,” Epp commented on Parler next to a picture of the legislators crouch to cover underneath the bench at the Capitol rotunda on January 6. “When I heard about this, it turned tears into badges of honor,”

Against the backdrop of the riot, Epp wrote that detectives from Colorado’s Joint Terrorism Task Force visit her at her house to question her whereabouts that day and show her photos of Parler’s and hers at the Capitol, but she “refused to answer most of their questions.” “.

Kasun, a colleague of Epp’s Cause of America, was more measured about her activities at the Capitol on January 6 in a Interview with Colorado’s KOAA News. Kasun painted a picture of the steps of the Capitol that day filled with families and people who were “just waving flags, they were talking, there were chants.”

Kasun denounces what she says is a small number of people involved in violence at the Capitol but says she opposes the use of force and is willing to help “identify those people”. Mike Lindell Started New ‘Vote Center’ And It’s Run By Riot Attendees On The Capitol On Jan. 6


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