Midnight Ghost Hunt Hands-On Preview – Hauntingly Great Time

The first time we know Midnight ghost hunt way back June 2019, which made us feel extremely excited. Its developer, Vaulted Sky Games, is looking to re-energize the ghost-hunting and anti-hunting genres – at the same time. One can describe Midnight ghost hunt as one Ghostbusters-meeting-PropHunt game, and that’s not too far off. The game has received alpha and beta tests, but I hadn’t tried it out until recently. I was able to join for the actual preview of Midnight ghost hunt, and had a spooky good time.

Midnight ghost hunt is a team-based four-on-four multiplayer game. It shows a group of hunters using weapons and gadgets confronting some aggressive anti-terrorists. But don’t think that the game plays out like The fear of phasmophobia; Hunters armed with powerful weapons are on duty, and have only midnight to clean the house.

The conceit is in the name of the game. Hunters have to wait until midnight to discover and subdue the ghosts, or else things go awry. Matches are timed for five minutes, and once the clock strikes midnight, ghosting goes super fast. Glowing red, they can deal enough damage to kill and turn the tables on their fleshy intruders. Hunters can still win after midnight, but it requires teamwork – and possibly some explosives.

Midnight Ghost Hunt 2 preview

I’m not afraid of ghosts

Indeed, it wasn’t as if the Hunters were rude. Playing from first person, you start each match to choose among weapons and gadgets. You can start with the introductory level Spectral Cannon, which fires glowing energy spheres. There’s also a Salt Shotgun, a Reaper sniper rifle, and a Harpoon Bazooka that can hook and pull ghosts towards you while giving them a shock. You can also use a melee weapon or equip a Riot Shield if you’re expecting some midnight resistance. Gadgets can range from Radar that launches near the phantom, or an attacking C4 that deals massive damage.

But the ghosts themselves are hardly helpless. While belonging to the phantom team, the game transitions from a shooter to a predator. You can own items around the map like pots, chairs and the like. Items you can own are marked, so even when cornered, you can still find a quick exit. But like the Hunter, you can start choosing among supernatural abilities. One allows you to create traps from items, which will throw themselves at a nearby Hunter.

Preview of Midnight Ghost Hunt 5

See the strange beauty

The back-and-forth action keeps things fresh, and the large, detailed maps add plenty of variety. I started with my team in a prototype haunted mansion, complete with a library and attic full of things to own. We also went to a school, which has a large gym and cafeteria. But I think my favorite is the pirate ship, moored near a winding system of caves that hide mounds of gold and treasure. But I’m also a bit biased towards the latter, as I’ll explain.

All in all, it was just a pretty fun time. As mentioned, my group and I began to wander the dusty corridors of a creepy mansion. Running around looking at my Radar, I smashed books and chairs eagerly waiting for the opportunity to explode. Fighting the Ghost team as the high-tech cleaner was fun and often hilarious, as I found myself often chasing a certain pot of tea bouncing off the table and up the stairs.

Preview of Midnight Ghost Hunt 6

Tracing crates falling

We won our first round, and I switched to Ghost’s side. Most of us managed to stay hidden long enough for the midnight hunt to begin. Possessing a suit of armor, I chase after a Hunter while swinging my sword. I tried clamping them once, but the metal block was too slow to move. Someone on the development team encouraged me to ditch my armor and try melee attacks like a ghost. Driving my prey into the kitchen, I rushed over and… was blown up by C4. That’s right, this is my first game, so I’m learning.

My subsequent matches actually saw more of your embarrassment, but yielded at least one sweet moment of redemption. The school created many opportunities for the Ghosts to have the upper hand. Chairs are scattered throughout the dreary cafeteria, and the giant disco ball in the gym is too tempting for a spirit. I ended up packing a Ghost disguised as a toilet. But it did enough damage for its friend to smash me to the tiled floor. Yes, still learning. While haunting the pirate ship, however, my team of ghosts struggled with a lone sniper. With a crate nearby, I right-clicked to launch a jump, aiming and rolling them down from the sky. When my team cheers, I feel vindicated.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Hands On Preview 3

I’m ready to believe you

I only had an hour of gameplay to test it, but honestly, I’m ready for more. Midnight ghost hunt is a multiplayer game that looks strangely good, slick, and fun, and will effectively deliver spooky and predatory game fans. Midnight ghost hunt sure to provide more toilet-related moments of victory and defeat as it enters closed beta on January 28. To participate in the next demo, go ahead and claim it. access Steam page of the game.

https://www.pcinvasion.com/midnight-ghost-hunt-hands-on-preview/ Midnight Ghost Hunt Hands-On Preview – Hauntingly Great Time


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