Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 6 Patch Notes for October 19

Microsoft Flight Simulator Replace 6 went dwell on all platforms most just lately, bringing a number of fixes to planes, the world, and VR mode.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a graphical beast thus far within the gaming trade, utilizing all the facility inside Xbox Collection X|S consoles and gaming PCs to ship a brilliant lifelike expertise of flying with airplanes.

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Much like the earlier replace, the newest patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator fixes much more bugs and improves its stability by eliminating various crashes reported by the neighborhood.

The brand new replace additionally tweaks the whether or not and navigation methods of the sport and improves the extent of particulars choice on PC.

Under, you may try the complete patch notes for Microsoft Flight Simulator Replace 6.

Microsoft Flight Simulator | Austria, Germany, Switzerland World Replace Trailer



Microsoft Flight Simulator | Austria, Germany, Switzerland World Replace Trailer





Microsoft Flight Simulator Replace 6 Patch Notes


  • A number of crashes have been fastened throughout the title
  • Extra optimization work has been carried out together with efficiency concern with Actual-time AirTraffic after a protracted time period
  • Enhancements of the set up logic for outdated / lacking packages 


  • New AIRAC cycle 2110 is now out there
  • Enhancements on offset localizer/LDA approaches for the Navdata
  • Up to date the in-sim Magnetic Variation mannequin
  • Mounted ATC saying a DME Arc strategy with 10 occasions the radius
  • Separated totally different airways with the identical identify within the Navdata
  • Mounted circumstances of corruption in Title and Descr fields in flight plans 


  • Activated gust tweaking in customized climate settings
  • Ambient strain is now easily calculated throughout all the air column
  • Improved ATIS Cloud layer reporting 


  • Mounted aliased menus and ingame panels
  • Mounted some lighting points in VR
  • Mounted unsuitable digital camera preliminary rotation in some cockpit
  • Mounted “dot” cursor when utilizing the mouse
  • Mounted mouse cursor depth when hovering the toolbar
  • Improved common stability in VR mode 


  • Mounted Associates standing as offline mates had been nonetheless marked as on-line
  • Higher dealing with of edge circumstances when loading save information
  • Mounted Balkan bushtrip which couldn’t be accomplished attributable to lacking airport
  • Mounted conversion error in POH takeoff speeds within the Flight assistant panel
  • Mounted concern the place the altitude displayed on the nameplates was incorrect
  • Mounted VFRMap icons disappearing throughout bushtrips
  • Mounted bug inflicting the feminine voice to be heard as an alternative of MALE voice within the Deadstick Touchdown tutorial
  • Mounted ICAOs on most important path disappearing from the VFR map after resizing it 



  • Mounted a bug that prevented Dwell/AI aircrafts lights from displaying
  • Decreased the impact of clouds water density on air density (supply of drag when flying via clouds) by an element of 10x
  • Altimeter studying ought to now correctly coincide mathematically with environment ambient strain
  • Mounted bodily altimeters to allow them to now show totally different values
  • Mounted UseTemplateValue put inside an Motion for customized checklists
  • Corrected concern that might trigger trim keys to begin repeating immediately when held down
  • Mounted shared massive cameras for hangar sequences in order that they now not show the bottom solely
  • Analogic exterior HUD now helps damaging altitude values as the inside devices
  • Reworked gear advisory audio warning system for floating planes
  • Improved water rudder and water dealing with at low speeds. Airplane now turns into the wind
  • Elevated aerobatic max rotation pace and acceleration which improves aerobatic dealing with
  • Improved auto rudder help crosswind cancellation to make it easy over 0 to 500ft, as an alternative of brutal on/off on takeoff
  • Improved pfactor for tail dragger airplanes
  • Improved free full castering for tail dragger airplanes
  • Eliminated backward limitation for flap elevate middle displacement. (Impact on elevate middle and Cm)
  • Added system to exactly outline elevate middle movement throughout ranges of AOA
  • Mounted a bug with the spoiler/speedbrake lever animation not being within the right place when utilizing an exterior machine to manage it
  • Mounted a bug with exterior gadgets AP keys not doing precisely what they need to on some plane
  • Mounted some digital camera points with aerobatics: Inverted flight digital camera transition between regular & inverted flight and quick rolls conduct in third particular person view
  • Mounted concern the place Waypoint generated on WorldMap weren’t flown alongside by the Autopilot
  • Mounted present flyback concern on KLCT KBVT flight
  • Reference QNH can now be modified throughout flight
  • Autopilot will now not routinely transition to altitude seize when in avionics managed mode
  • Mounted corrupted VFR & PFD 2D Terrain in some circumstances
  • Corrected a difficulty that might trigger the trim keys to behave incorrectly when used on a airplane which has a trim change however no trim wheel
  • Mounted the altimeter not displaying the right altitude at the beginning of a flight (particularly in some missions)
  • Made reverse flight transition smoother in order that one can take 90° turns or a bit greater than 90° with out bizarre roll transitions
  • Linked all of the transponders from the bottom sim to the brand new transponder IDENT simvar
  • Added a hyperlink an Ident and a kind to the radio frequency. Ident is ICAO code. Kind is without doubt one of the following: ATIS,UNI, CTAF, GND, TWR, CLR, APPR, DEP, FSS, AWS, Clean
  • Mounted customized airports are displayed twice on navigation devices 

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental / Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner 

  • Minor repair in the way in which ILS frequency are displayed in Boeing FMC
  • Minor repair in the way in which Flaps are displayed in Boeing FMC
  • Repair Boeing Flaps conduct at deal with 9
  • Mounted a bug with the Boeing yoke by Thrustmaster failing to toggle “maintain” AP modes
  • Mounted icing artwork concern
  • Mounted rain on each inside and exterior
  • Added geometry when reverse thrust is on
  • Mounted cockpit digital camera collision 

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner 

  • Restricted max steering angle to 70 levels as per POH to make floor taxiing simpler and extra lifelike
  • Mounted concern that might introduce an inverted elevator management inflicting the A320 and 787 to crash into the bottom
  • Altitude reference on HUD is now synced with different devices
  • Partial enchancment of FBW (doesn’t use trim anymore)
  • Minor show repair on FMC Strategy web page
  • Mounted Incorrect flaps positions
  • Mounted lacking reg quantity underneath wing 

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental 

  • Mounted incidence of autopilot failing to seize GS
  • Mounted exterior HUD Airpseed with cockpit Airspeed
  • Exterior HUD Airspeed tapes now has pace ranges much like cockpit tapes
  • Mounted minor show concern on FMC Legs web page
  • PFD airspeed now shows pace for present and subsequent flap setting in strategy 

Airbus A320neo 

  • Mounted concern that might introduce an inverted elevator management inflicting the airplane to crash into the bottom
  • ND altitude restrictions at the moment are extra correct 

Diamond DA40NG / Diamond DA40 TDI 

  • Corrected a difficulty which prevented the gas switch pump from working
  • Mounted “LOW FUEL” warning not displaying for the correct quantity of gas remaining
  • Mounted grasp knobs not reflecting precise simulated state in some circumstances 

Cessna 152 / Cessna 152 Aerobat 

  • Mounted the inversion with flaps interplay utilizing a gamepad
  • Mounted left strobe gentle not turning on
  • Mounted guidelines autocompletion failing to begin engine
  • Mounted lacking reg quantity on the Aerobat base model 

Cessna Quotation Longitude 

  • Eliminated some outdated glass cockpit alerts
  • Added lacking tooltips for pace mode and pace models knobs
  • Corrected a difficulty that might trigger the plane to incorrectly point out the Yaw Damper is energetic
  • Mounted show Messages when Reverse Thrust is engaged on Cessna Longitude EICAS as an alternative of COM/NAV frequencies
  • Glideslope enchancment
  • Corrected a difficulty which might stop gentle controlling push buttons from correctly updating when toggling all lights
  • Mounted the Up and Down button that had been now not engaged on Flight Plan web page on TSC
  • Up to date cabin strain warnings and plane configuration with actual values
  • Adjusted H nav PID to cut back nav horizontal oscillation
  • MAIN GEN warning now checks the simvar GENERAL ENG GENERATOR ACTIVE 

Zlin Savage Cub 

  • Mounted grasp knobs not reflecting precise simulated state in some circumstances
  • Disabled some unused electrical circuits enhancing total battery lifetime when idle
  • FlightPlan now not lacking from VFRMap
  • Mounted VFR Transponder key 

Cub Crafter X Cub 

  • Minor enhancements for the guidelines
  • Mounted tail wheel steering 


  • Icon A5 have now entry to the brand new Aera interface
  • Mounted steering animation concern 

Flight Design CTLS 

  • Added entry to the brand new Aera interface
  • Mounted sync exterior HUD Tachometer with cockpit Tachometer
  • Mounted VFR Transponder key
  • Mounted steering animation concern 


  • Mounted steering animation concern 

Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX 

  • Lowered the minimal N1
  • Added dynamic Purple Line Torque Engine gauge
  • Add blue Torque Engine gauge to point the Most cruise torque
  • Added turboprop situation lever implementation
  • Decreased rudder stability for extra lifelike yaw simulation
  • Guidelines was modified to work with the brand new situation levers 

Beechcraft King Air 350i 

  • Added turboprop situation lever implementation
  • Decreased rudder stability for extra lifelike yaw simulation
  • Important discount of flap & gear drag to extend ROC at LDG. now nearer to 2000fpm (used to wrestle to take care of 700fpm)
  • Mounted prop drag idling and adjusted flap drag
  • Guidelines was modified to work with the brand new situation levers 

Zlin Shock Extremely 

  • Engine temperatures and pressures had been adjusted to have a greater conduct
  • Adjusted gear advisory alarm set off pace to higher match the totally different float planes 

Beechcraft Baron G58 

  • Mounted cockpit digital camera for hangar sequence 

Diamond DA62 

  • Up to date animation concern within the cockpit
  • Replace all airframes animations
  • Mounted rain concern within the cockpit
  • Decreased the sunshine popping impact within the cockpit 

Cirrus SR22 

  • Mounted airframe for the nosewheel 

Pipistrel Virus SW121 

Cessna 172 Skyhawk 

  • Mounted animations concern for skis
  • Glass cockpit: Arm standby battery in customized departure
  • Decreased rudder elevate coefficient from 2.0 to 1.5. Will scale back rudder twitchiness and improve hostile yaw
  • Adjusted elevator twitchiness & authority 

Daher TBM 930 

  • Particular FX information moved to SimObject folder
  • Mounted the autostart/autostop process
  • Decreased rudder stability for extra lifelike yaw simulation
  • Decreased extreme flap drag
  • Tuned Flight IDLE state Torque, RPM and ITT
  • Mounted overspeed (barber pole) strip incorrect on Standby Airspeed Indicator 


  • Improved aerobatics conduct
  • Mounted idle RPM inflicting an engine stall at some altitudes / temperatures 


  • Mounted Wind vector not accounting for MagVar on Garmin screens
  • Mounted concern the place FLC conduct utilizing the NOSE UP/DN buttons was reversed on the G1000
  • AS3X, GNS430 & GNS530 now have automated backlighting relying on the hour of the day
  • Runway icon rotates relying on the orientation of the map
  • Mounted duplicate waypoints with the identical distance & bearing
  • Aera Flight Plan has been utterly transformed to higher match the true Aera
  • The exterior view of the Aera in portrait mode is now in the correct orientation
  • Corrected a difficulty that might trigger the avionics change simvar to not match the bodily change state
  • Engine monitor instrument with small kind issue up to date on Vigilus
  • Vigilus now can show turbine engine information and models set are saved between flights
  • New Gas Circulation monitor instrument template added for the Miniflo/digiflo
  • Computerized backlight relying on time of day on the Vigilus
  • Adjusted engine monitor shade ranges for outfitted planes on the Vigilus
  • ISA temperature studying is now extra lifelike on the G3000
  • Minor frequency shade repair on the G1000
  • G3X now not present NaN bearing when flying a DirectTo towards an airport
  • Mounted incidence of Garmin-featured airplane not catching LOC/ILS
  • Mounted G3000 scrollbar caught at backside after deciding on a Direct To
  • Nearest Waypoint/NDB/VOR doesn’t flicker on the GNS530
  • Mounted corrupted VFR & PFD 2D Terrain in some circumstances
  • Mounted incorrect values for Bearing (BRG) and Distance (DIST) information fields on G3X
  • Mounted concern the place G1000 outer COM knob would solely increment the frequency irrespective of the course it was turned 

VFR map 

  • Mounted corrupted VFR & PFD 2D Terrain in some circumstances
  • VFRMap now capped at > 80° in latitude as an alternative of 75°
  • Repair uncommon incidence of VFRMap flickering
  • VFRMap now not fails round Longitude 180°
  • Minor enhancement of VFRMap FlightPlan show
  • We now stop some circumstances of VFRMap waypoint loading stalling 


  • Terrain degree of element can now be elevated as much as 400 (as an alternative of 200) in Graphics choices on PC
  • Mounted jetways not spawning in some circumstances
  • Mounted bug throughout animation when the pilot name the jetway in an airport
  • Mounted surroundings not being reloaded when including or eradicating a bundle from the Content material Supervisor / Market
  • Mounted blurry lights on ultra-wide/4k resolutions
  • Optimized photogrammetry erase perform by including a quadratic approximation of earth curvature -Improved clipping concern with shut timber near poles by dynamically extending the LOD 14 draw distance
  • Optimized conversions for world processing utilizing quadratic lat lengthy conversion approximations
  • Mounted gaps between some floor surfaces
  • Improved LOD show in sport at LFPG
  • Reflection cubemap decision and mirrored clouds particulars have been elevated
  • Mounted a bug scary SSR to ghost when rotating digital camera
  • Mounted autogen buildings that had been generally absent or of low high quality within the UK
  • KPFN is now closed as actual life
  • Mounted lacking gentle at KECP
  • Mounted strategy gentle too lengthy at ENBR
  • Mounted windsocks unhealthy orientation on some bespoke airports
  • Mounted management tower archetype to match with actual life at EDFH
  • EDDI & EDDT at the moment are closed as actual life
  • Mounted floating night time lights in some areas in England
  • Mounted tower constructing close to Stuttgart
  • Mounted timber in entrance of the runway at EGGP & EGCC
  • Mounted terraforming at EDRS
  • Mounted jetways concern at RCYU
  • Mounted Taxi Ribbon can go underground when taxiing to runway 35 at HUEN Entebbe Airport
  • Mounted despawn of the World map when altering the rolling Cache quantity
  • Mounted wind turbine night time gentle fade out when getting shut
  • Mounted digital camera pan within the Handbook cache menu 


  • Minor high quality of life enchancment on Market
  • Mounted ATC Choices will likely be cleared when the Person makes an attempt to enter one other within the Customization Menu
  • Gust pace enter slider makes use of a logarithmic vary for higher precision
  • Mounted beforehand loaded airports aren’t displayed within the historical past of the airports checklist
  • Mounted high menu ‘Arrow’ Graphic doesn’t Fades Throughout Flight
  • Mounted Photogrammetry low decision in guide cache
  • Mounted lacking Axis Y from the Choose An Enter checklist when mapping actions to the mouse or looking for an enter
  • Mounted cursor snap to high left nook everytime you change in cockpit digital camera with keyboard controls
  • Mounted vital adjustments to sliders on in-flight menu don’t seem to have any impact (now increments accordingly)
  • Person ought to now not get caught within the Freelook view and be unable to convey the cursor again up on Xbox
  • Mounted limitless consequence display screen with no prompts to depart when person cancels landing and after completion of a touchdown problem
  • Mounted all profiles blanked when clearing a customized profile for the HOTAS One
  • Mounted reset for the mouse sensitivity to default values on a customized profile
  • Mounted unable to pick the final ICAO searched within the search consequence
  • Mounted disconnection pop up failing to look when unplugging the ethernet cable earlier than or after press any button display screen 


  • Decreased the increments of the mouse wheel on the elevator trim
  • Added Thrustmaster TCA Boeing help
  • Added Turtle Seaside VelocityOne Flight help
  • Mounted a unsuitable freelook project on the Digital Fly Yoko+
  • Mounted mappings proven in Controls display screen for T.Flight HOTAS One doesn’t align with the precise buttons / axes on Xbox
  • Mounted Joystick occasions on Simconnect
  • Mounted unsuitable biding on the Hotas One prior World replace 6
  • Mounted mapping of cockpit view Yaw Axis for CH Professional Throttle USB because the axis was reversed
  • Mounted warning seems when person tries to map an axis to the Elevator Trim Axis (0 to 100%) command
  • Mounted default mapping for Left / Proper Brake axes on CH Professional Pedals
  • Mounted default mapping for View Yaw, View Pitch, and Throttle axes on CH Professional Throttle doesn’t work
  • Mounted default mapping for Ailerons axis on CH Fighterstick doesn’t work
  • Mounted default mapping of Propeller and Throttle axes on CH Flight Sim Yoke are incorrect
  • Mounted default mapping for Elevator, Ailerons, and Combination axes on CH Flight Sim Yoke doesn’t work
  • Mounted default mapping of axes on CH Throttle Quadrant are incorrect
  • Mounted unresponsive Joystick L-Axis Y on CH Throttle Quadrant
  • Mounted unable to exit Pause menu utilizing Menu button on T.Flight HOTAS One 

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now out there on Xbox Collection X, Xbox Collection S, and PC. You possibly can play it at no cost via the Xbox Recreation Move subscription on PC and consoles.

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