Microsoft Flight Simulator – Essential paid software for airplanes

Microsoft Flight Simulator has steadily amassed a growing collection of add-ons over the past few months. Of course, the world of freeware add-ons is certainly evolving rapidly, but so is the world of paid equivalents. The in-game marketplace is certainly updated regularly with such products, so it can be a bit overwhelming to know which ones are worth a look.

After spending a little time with a few products, here are a few recommendations from my collection, though in no particular order. All you really need to keep in mind is that these planes are all unique and will be better suited for certain types of flights. So the “best” are the ones that suit your personal preference for where and how you want to fly.

Please note: all prices are in USD.

de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter by Aerosoft ($34.99)

As of the time of publication, this is one of the newest releases in the line of paid software planes. It is also one of the most anticipated for some sim enthusiasts. The Twin Otter is a world famous turbofan engine that has been in production since the 1960s and continues to this day. It serves areas as far north as the frozen wild tundra of Alaska, all the way south to isolated jungle areas of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The Twin otters especially due to its extremely resilient design that allows it to be able to handle all different flight conditions and landing terrain.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Aerosoft Twin Otter On The Water 2

Here in Microsoft Flight Simulator, it can be fitted with tundra tires for rough runways, grass and snow, or even float for water takeoffs and landings. Aerosoft has created 13 unique models that each offer such variations, as well as several others such as three- and four-wing rack options. The “TwOtter” multi-use case, affectionately called by some fans, makes it one of those rare aircraft that can be considered “anyone’s plane”. That is, because it can go anywhere, it can be enjoyed by almost anyone. While she’s certainly not as fast as the other turbofans in the Daher TBM 930 sim or the Beechcraft King Air 350i, the raw, sturdy and reliable design makes it a simple and straightforward aircraft and fun to make ideal short jumps.

Speaking of “brief”, Twin Otter also has some unique STOL abilities. It can take off and land from very short distances, making it ideal for swooping into very small and remote locations.

My personal journey with TwOtter so far involves touring along The Antilles; island chain between Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago in the southeastern Caribbean. In real life, Twin Otters can be found here quite often, so it’s a good proving ground. Definitely consider picking it up if you like flying low and slow to take in the sights.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Asobo Junkers Ju 52 Close-up

Asobo’s Junkers JU-52 ($14.99)

Back in 2021, Asobo introduced a new line of aircraft that it will gradually bring Microsoft Flight Simulator. Dubbed the “Local Legends” series, each aircraft in this collection will be launched with the appropriate World Update. The first local legend to take to the sky was Junkers JU-52, which was released with the WU VI in September 2021. Initially, I wasn’t very interested in this plane, due to the fact that it was so old and slow. However, the appeal of its design drew me in.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks later, and I took a bite out of the bullet just because the plane kept looking “cool” to me. But really, “elegant” is a much better word for this age-old bird. The JU-52 is a trimmers from one of the earliest flying eras, first produced in the 1930s.

While its original design and specs make it very clear, Asobo has crafted it with such impeccable detail that its vintage feel is part of the experience. Although it pales in comparison to most other aircraft in the sim in terms of performance, the JU-52 is still an amazing aircraft. There are three landing gear options: traditional wheels, skis and floats. This means you can take it JU-st virtually anywhere (pun intended). The trim engine handles well, and the sound of its three-piston stock engines produces some pretty soothing sounds.

True, the lack of modern avionics makes the flying experience more tedious than that of a modern aircraft, which is still worth it for its remarkable beauty.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow Iv Hawaii Metro

Just Flight’s Piper Warrior and Arrow/Turbo Arrow Series ($44.99/ea)

While there are technically four different Piper planes (Warrior II, Arrow III and Turbo Arrow III / IV) came Microsoft Flight Simulator are from Only flight so farI decided to lump them all together because they are all very similar.

Just like the aforementioned Twin Otter, these Piper piston-powered planes were around a few decades ago but are still heavily used today. You can find them all over the world, especially in private jets. While they’re certainly not the fastest nor the sleekest, they’re easy to fly and get the job done without much fuss, hence why they last such a long time.

The Turbo Arrow III / IV The most likely variant in Just Flight’s collection to date. However, it still pales when compared from a performance standpoint to more modern props in sims like the Beechcraft Bonanza or the Diamond DA42. The avionics (flying systems) are also much more rudimentary, though still capable thanks to the integration of various GPS models and even a simple autopilot.

If I really had to recommend one for the money’s sake, I’d say the Turbo Arrow III/IV stands out the most to me simply because of their higher cruise speed. But, anyway, you should be pretty good at picking any of the planes as they all feature beautifully simulated interior and exterior textures, great sounds, and great interactive surfaces.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Carenado Cessna Bush

Carenado’s Cessna 170B ($14.99)

The Cessna 170Bor simply “C170B” is a sturdy, STOL-capable stand. If “I serve a purpose” was an airplane, this would be it. This little metal tube doesn’t have that much horsepower, nor does it have any fancy avionics. It is simply satisfied with its light weight, maneuverability and fast full to stay in the air. You don’t fly this to get too far in a hurry; you fly it to really experience the reality and take in the view around you. Carneado has done this justice.

This is definitely a great plane to venture into the smallest and roughest airports. Whether it’s the Australian Outback or the Great Plains in the USA, the C170B is a begging bird to soar and soar over fields, riverbanks and plateaus. Here’s a tried-and-true contrarian; think of a Jeep Wrangler, but with wings.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Carenado Piper Senaca V in Socal

Carenado’s Piper Seneca V ($40)

Rivals with the likes of Beechcraft Baron include, Piper Seneca DRAW is a prop piston engine for two engines. With a much more modern airframe than its single-engine ancestor before it, the Seneca V boasts some legitimately good altitude and flight capabilities. This makes it a much more viable option for longer trips, as you won’t feel like it’s taking you forever to get there. Carenado’s portrayal of the twins went well.

Before a recent field trip I took around Southern California, I decided to survey some of the sights from above. Seneca has proven to be an excellent choice for such a mission, and is easily climbed over the high mountains that run through this part of the state. In typical Carenado fashion, there’s a wide variety of eye candy to enjoy; great textured work, and even unique animated accessories such as the lines of wings flying in the wind. The plane also features interactive animated surfaces, something that no default aircraft has to date.

This is actually a great bird for most general aviation flights. While it’s not as rugged as any of the planes mentioned before, it can still perform off-road missions like landing on short grass and gravel, allowing you to explore most of the world. all locations as long as they are not too harsh.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Aerosoft Crj 700 on Brazil

Aerosoft’s Mitsubishi CRJ 550/700 ($50.99)

Aerosoft’s CRJ Project is specially designated to be the first composite aircraft add-on Microsoft Flight Simulatorbeat other big names like PMDG and QualitySimulation. CRJ series 550/700, formerly built and owned by Bombardier before being acquired by Mitsubishi in recent years, is a very popular family of regional jet aircraft used by airlines worldwide for several years. five. If you’ve ever flown a short or medium flight with airlines like Air Canada, Delta, American Eagle, United or British Airways, chances are you’ve flown one of these routes at least once.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, CRJ serves as a very viable alternative to flying the accompanying Airbus A321neo for short and medium haul trips. It’s a small rocket, with some pretty good climbing and flying abilities. The rear-mounted engine and pencil-like fuselage also give it a sleeker, significantly more pointed look than the Airbus. If you consider yourself an aerial photographer, it certainly offers a visual change of pace as well.

But, of course, it’s its flying dynamics that really make it stand out. Depending on who you ask, Aerosoft’s CRJ could be considered “research grade”. However, it is definitely a bit more complicated to set up than most other bundled planes. This can be overridden, though, by a handy built-in tablet that can toggle different “states” for the aircraft while it’s on the ground. As such, you can certainly spend time learning how to practically go through its checklists for starters and taxis, all while programming the navigation system and calculating the weight and balance of the fuel. material and tonnage. Or, you can simply jump straight to your destination.

Either way, it’s a narrow-body jet that’s fun to fly and continues to solve the itch of providing an alternative aviation experience, until other premium versions hit the market soon. school.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - PC - JU-52 JU-52 Sailing in the Bahamas

Again, these are just a handful of the planes currently in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s addon library. In addition, we also have two volumes of freeware recommendations found here and here.

As more planes are released, we’ll continue to create more lists like these to help guide you through what could be your next favorite prospect. Microsoft Flight Simulator – Essential paid software for airplanes


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