Micro Alliance Targets Zeri’s Interaction with Runann’s Hurricane

League of Legends introduced a new champion to the game in Patch 12.2 called Zeri, Zaun’s Spark, a new ADC being added to the growing cast of characters. In the short time she’s been on live servers, players have been trying to find the best build for her and her unique playstyle, although an item built on her has stand out due to strong interactions.

Riot August, the main character designer for League, announced that a microphone that just went live reduces Zeri’s ability to interact with Runaan’s Hurricane while using her ultimate. Here is another microphone added in Patch 12.2, with other patches fixing it using Keystone Glacial Augment and Completely disables Chemtech Drake, Rift and Soul.

This interaction with the marksmanship item Runann’s Hurricane occurs as a result of Zeri’s final chain of sparks released while it is active. These sparks act as effects on hit, so when combined with Hurricane after crafting other hit-effect items like Trinity Force, Zeri will deal massive damage to multiple enemies without needing to be hit. aim at them. To negate this interaction, which appears to have been intended, although it has been noted as “looking very strong”, these sparks will no longer count as an on-hit effect, so Storm will not spread to these.

Based on League OP.GG website statistics, Zeri has a 52.07% win rate, as confirmed with her current meta of Trinity Force to Runaan’s Hurricane. Now that this interaction with Hurricane is nerfed, Zeri’s win rate is likely to drop as players look for other optimal builds for champions that often play the ADC role. Because of her mobility, Zeri also gets a lot of play in top and mid, although she doesn’t get to take on as many of these roles as bot lane.

Zeri is now available to play in League along with her release skin, The Withered Rose. Players can also take part in the ongoing Lunar Revel event, which includes loads of Cannon and Porcelain skins, as well as the return of ARURF until February 28.

https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/league-micropatch-targets-zeri-interaction-with-runanns-hurricane Micro Alliance Targets Zeri’s Interaction with Runann’s Hurricane


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