Michael Keaton Confirms He’s Shooting More Vulture Material For Marvel

Everyone loves a good return story, even if it’s a continuation of something from 4 years ago. Since both Marvel and DC seem to want to pull those nostalgic strings these days, it looks like they both decided to go all-in on that idea. Between The Flash and Spider-Man: There’s no way home, the comic book movie world is going to have some pretty strong comebacks in the near future, but what about other than that?

Well, it doesn’t seem like one particular actor is done with being one of the most notable crossovers between the two properties. Michael Keaton, one of Hollywood’s most beloved movie veterans, may not have finished that line yet. The longtime actor gave a critically acclaimed performance as Vulture in 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming and is currently preparing to reprise one of his most famous roles as Batman in 2022 The Flash, and if a recent interview doesn’t come up, he still has some surprises in store. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on whether he will return as Lillith’s half brother Blaine in the new season. Frasier series, but people can dream.


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Keaton teased a little something extra in his latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, put that wealth of information right at the end of his segment. After talking about his latest experiences in the Marvel and DC cinematic universes, as well as how little he understands about them due to haven’t seen any comic book movies since 1989 Batman, he ended the interview with a compelling statement, saying, “I’ll be shooting tomorrow.” When Kimmel pressed him for details, Keaton casually explained with “some Vulture stuff.” Naturally, the crowd went wild, there could be anyone watching his people-loving ones take on the classic Marvel villain.

While not necessarily surprising, Marvel has a penchant for never really letting the past die, which is still pretty good to hear. As the current phase of the movies and shows seem to focus on multiverse, thanks to the events of Loki, more projects in the near future are likely to feature returning characters both recent and classic, and that looks likely to include Keaton’s Vulture. It wouldn’t be too stressful to see him play a cameo as part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The conversation also turns to some of Keaton’s experiences returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Flash, although he admits his contract means there isn’t much he can say. Interestingly, much of his anecdote revolves around his inability to understand what’s going on due to his relative inexperience with comic book movies. “There’s a lot of things I can’t say because I don’t really understand what’s going on,” he said as Kimmel began questioning this particular role.

Still, it’s nice to know that he hasn’t finished the superhero game yet. Whether it is Vulture in some currently unknown project or his rumored to be Batman in HBO Max Superwoman series, adding Keaton is always a good thing. Here’s to hoping the beloved actor finally understands what’s going on. Even so, it’s nice to know he’s doing all of this essentially in the dark. Truly a professional.

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The source: Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube

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