Michael Bay boasts that Armageddon foretold NASA’s Asteroid Mission


On Wednesday morning, NASA kicked off a particularly exciting space mission. Codenamed DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), the project will fire a rocket at the asteroid Dimorphos, in the hope of altering its orbit. The idea is that if Earth was ever threatened by a ‘planetary killer’ asteroid, schemes like these could be humanity’s last line of defense.

If you’ve seen Michael Bay’s Apocalypse this is it will all sound very familiar. The 1998 film saw Earth in a similar predicament, when NASA resorted to sending a team of ragtag drills into space to blow up the asteroid. That’s not quite what’s going on here, but the basic concept is the same.

Flying talking to TheWrap about the similarities and it’s nice to hear that he predicted a lot of this:

“Our plan isn’t that far off when they send a craft to move it, either with nuclear or whatever, they just need to move it. They have a bunch of things that we mentioned in the movie, which are the real plans on the table. “


He also highlighted the danger these asteroids can pose:

“Thank God they’re doing something because these (asteroids), they’re deadly. They came at 24,000 miles per hour, if I remember correctly – it was a plane crash to the ground. “

Luckily, Bruce Willis wasn’t on the NASA rocket, and we’ll know next year if they hit their target.

However, as many have pointed out online, perhaps this ‘experimental’ mission is just a way to cover up the fact that Dimorphos To be is heading straight for Earth, and we need to stop it before it kills us all. After all, publicizing the Earth as being within its sights will only create mass panic and global fear. Better make sure Aerosmith and Ben Affleck keep their schedules free for the next few months…

Apocalypse available for streaming on DirecTV and for digital rental from all the usual locations.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/michael-bay-is-proud-that-armageddon-predicted-nasa-asteroid-mission/ Michael Bay boasts that Armageddon foretold NASA’s Asteroid Mission


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