Metroid Dread, Hollow Knight and more Prove that 2D games are nowhere to be found

Video games have a long and long history full of technological advancements. What began as experiments with pixels moving around a screen gradually evolved into stacking games, first and third person adventures, and even isometric journeys. The number of colors and pixels displayed increased as the panel was developed and eventually, 3D modeling becomes possible. Throughout this process, great games that utilize a variety of gameplay styles continue to be released and delight players everywhere. After a certain point, it is possible to realize any particular game concept planned in the format that best suits it.


However, there was a time when 2D and 3D games were not viewed equally. Around the N64 and PS1 era, it became fashionable for previous 2D games will be reinterpreted in 3D, and 2D games have mostly been downgraded to handheld devices. Even today, the majority of 2D games, both in terms of visuals and gameplay, are found in the indie world. However, that doesn’t mean that style of play can or should be abandoned. 2D games have continued to prove themselves valid and they will never really leave.

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History of 2D and 3D games

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Originally, the game was 2D unnecessarily. Early game consoles simply couldn’t produce 3D images, and the principles and techniques of game design are still being refined. 3D gameplay is gradually maturing, but 2D sprites still dominate on weaker hardware. The advent of the N64 and PS1 liberated and developers quickly began developing truly 3D games for all available platforms. PS1 still plays host to some memorabilia 2D titles like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but big-name 3D titles led by Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time become dominant.

Even today, that domination has never gone away. While 2D games offer different gameplay styles and opportunities, 3D is only seen by players and developers as the direction video games should go. Presentation has always been an important factor for game sales, and it becomes even more important as the major companies push what they can in terms of environmental granularity and fidelity. Open-world environments emerge in ways that cannot be reproduced in 2D. This fruit 2D game demoted to handheld where 3D images are rare. And even then, the DS and PSP also allowed 3D games to be released on handheld devices. 2D has been synonymous with classic gaming for a while now, and within a few years it was hard to find a 2D game that came up in praise of game discussions.

Return of the 2D game

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However, the game eventually evolved from there. While most of the major projects are still 3D games, indie and AA games are getting more and more popular, and Nintendo has supported some of its game lines with 2.5D and 2D callbacks. Many of these games have received rave reviews and proved that 2D can never be completely outdated. Even at the end of 2021, gamers were caught off guard by the release Metroid Dread, a turning point Metroid title manages to reclaim what has made past titles legendary. It is a breath of fresh air to see a 2D game, even a 2.5D game, make a prominent appearance at the Game Awards due to its sheer success.

The future of 2D gaming looks bright and more hits are ahead. The 2D Soulslike, roguelike and metroidvania genres have been wildly successful with games like Dead cells and Ender Lillies, and Hollow Knight: Silksong Be prepared to be another hit. Freedom Planet and Cuphead proves that the action-platformer aspect of 2D still exists. Other 2D Metroid is all but guaranteed coming out in a couple of years, and Nintendo is committed to releasing occasional 2D titles for its major franchises. It also became popular to remake 2D games.

With Nintendo Switch Online library and PlayStation equivalent rumor For older Sony consoles, it’s now very easy to browse the 2D gaming highlights and see how they perform. 2D video games are still often created due to limitations, genre conventions, or art choices, but they’re still valuable enough to last alongside the more prevalent 3D games.

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metroid fear game with samus
Metroid Dread: Will there be DLC?

Samus’s next bounty hunting adventure is coming to Metroid Dread, and some may be wondering if the game will support DLC.

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