Meghan Markle played it Bland on ‘Ellen.’ The royal family will be thrilled.

When Meghan Markle sat down with her friend Ellen DeGeneres because the a boring interview aired on Thursday afternoon, she must have known it would be a very different encounter from the shocking and amazing interview she gave. Oprah Winfrey.

The absence of a stirring questionhe details her disgruntled relationship with her alleged racist British husbands shows that she wants to bury the idea that she is nothing more than a disgusted former royal with an ax to sharpen.

Instead, this is Meghan redefine herself as a fun soccer mom, an emotional wife, an accomplished woman – a published author – but someone who is not above self-esteem and willing to use uses the happy chance of her relationships and status to try and provide meaningful change for other American parents.

On the other side of the planet, as the luck of the schedule will have it, her old enemy, Kate Middleton, delivered on the successful phase in life Meghan has left behind, appeared at the Royal Variety Show in London with a flawless new hairstyle.

We could have wanted Meghan to pour a little more tea on the queen, or finally tell us who the racists are in the royal family, but Ellen very clearly isn’t going there. The royals would be delighted to see such a resolutely out of public view.

Instead, Meghan spoke a little about her family; she shared a photo of Archie feeding her chickens. It was carefully taken from the back so we couldn’t see his face, but even Ellen was not supposed to be a picture of baby Lilibet, who, until now, has not been seen by the public in the photos. Photo.

Meghan would love to talk about Her political campaign for paid parental leave. Meghan is absolutely right that America is a scandal, as she puts it, “The only rich country [in] worldwide are optional and have a federal paid leave program. Everyone knows, especially if you’ve had children, and even if you haven’t, you know how hard it is and how important it is in the first few weeks if not months. together as a family. And the fact that we’re not delivering that here is something that now, as a mother of two, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure we can make that happen.”

Ellen was overly concerned with her friend’s feelings when she pointed out that Meghan’s public disclosure efforts to serve this purpose have so far been limited to two phone calls that went uncharacteristically to senators, but it was interesting to see Meghan immediately position herself as a champion of parental rights.

It was an admirable and noble campaign. It is also uncontrollable, and will probably happen eventually. Meghan must know she’s on the right side of history with this.

It’s clear that Meghan doesn’t want to be challenged, but the absence of questions surrounding the series of very real controversies Meghan has set herself up will do nothing to convince the skeptics to rally the flag. by Meghan.

You can be really serious about someone who wasn’t asked about admission, at public hearing, last week, that she “forgot” about having issued an extended meeting for the author of an additional biography of her?

Meghan can really expect that people won’t question inconsistency between her account and her husband of an alleged racist comment made by a member of the royal family? Harry told Oprah that the comment was made before he and Meghan got married, with Meghan saying it was made while she was pregnant. Given the gravity of the accusation, Oprah should have pushed them away a bit, but even though she didn’t, don’t they want to clarify?

One wonders if Ellen The agreements stipulate that neither woman may question the other about their respective allegations of bullying. Meghan was the subject of an investigation at Buckingham Palace into allegations that she bullied staff and Ellen had her well-documented issues of workplace bullying.

Ellen seems like an odd choice as an annoying interviewer just because of this. Does anyone stop to think this might look like a stitch? Or do Meghan’s fixers think Ellen’s own flaws, after all the accusations made about running her talk show, could make her more compliant than almost any other journalist on the planet?

“The hidden camera sketch is, depending on how you shoot, fun or twisty (or both) but for Meghan it could have achieved her goals.”

Bullying, cheating, and racism are important issues, and it’s strange that they’re not even acknowledged by both of them.

Instead, there’s been perhaps the strangest attempt at self-deprecating comedy since It’s a Royal Knockout. The hidden camera sketch is, depending on how you shoot, fun or twisting (or both) but for Meghan it could achieve her goal, which is to erase the memory of the angry character. evil and wounded on Oprah in favor of a mother- the next door. There has been much discussion about Thanksgiving dinners and family Halloween dinners that also serve this goal.

This is Meghan leaving, forever, royal dignity, pretense and majesty behind.

At Kensington Palace, once she shook off her new bun and slipped out of her Jenny Packham dress and set fire to her laptop, it is suspected Kate’s mood was most likely partly relieved.

The ideal royal would never hear news of Meghan and Harry again in the media as long as they are alive. If they can’t do that, they want Meghan to impress cats rather than stir up a royal nest of vipers.

It could just be that the new, softer, non-confrontational incarnation of Meghan will be quite suitable for everyone. Meghan Markle played it Bland on ‘Ellen.’ The royal family will be thrilled.


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