Meet Viv Li: Luxury Hotel’s Favorite Content Creator

The life of a content creator is interesting and exciting but not without its fair share of challenges. But Viv Li is no stranger to facing hardships and obstacles in life and has only used them as her stepping stones towards success. Today, we dig deeper into her life to feel inspired by her successful journey.

A Bit About Viv Li

Born in China, raised in the Bay Area of the United States, Viv Li grew up across both the East and West Coast of Canada and she is a Canadian by passport. Overall, we could say that she is a citizen of the world. Viv Li has worked with numerous famous international brands on some highly successful campaigns and promotions as a digital influencer, model, and content creator.

Prior to the pandemic, Viv spent her time traveling around the world and sharing its wonders with the rest of her followers. She has visited over 80 countries on all seven continents and is currently splitting her time between the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

In recent times, Viv Li and her husband Victor Tsui have became the popular couple to work and shoot with at luxury hotels and resorts. Their perfect chemistry and charming vibes are everything luxury hotels want to represent in their marketing campaigns to appeal to everyone.

Their numerous collaboration with prestigious luxury hotels and tourism boards throughout the world only proves the point. The couple’s notable collaborations include working with some of the world’s leading hotel groups such as Intercontinental, Ritz Carlton, Sofitel, W, Pullman, Shangri-La, and Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental to name a few.

To What Does Viv Li Attribute Her Success?

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When it comes to Viv Li’s successful career, it is the result of a mix of all the experiences she has gained throughout her life. As a content creator, she could combine all her extensive experiences and skills in modeling, marketing, advertising, creative directing, design, and whatnot in life towards her career.

Of course, her passion for travel, style, and aesthetics have contributed much as well. Then again, she believes a whole lot of luck and timing has helped out quite a lot as well. The combination of all of these amazing skills and attributes in life has allowed her to flourish and succeed in this industry.

How Viv Li Turned Her Life Around?

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Although we see Viv Li as a successful digital entrepreneur today, that is not how everything started for her. Born into a broken family and raised by a single mom, life was challenging for her. But none of the obstacles she faced in different phases of her life could bring her down and she only managed to turn it all around.

Viv started her modeling career during her late teens when she was supporting herself in retail and got scouted for a small modeling gig. However, it was never truly on Viv’s agenda to become a model. She was always a creative soul and didn’t want to be just the empty canvas that other artists showcase their visions on.

However, because she needed to support herself, there was no way she could say no to the gig. Then during her early twenties, she started working in corporate marketing and this truly turned her life around. She directed shoots, created campaigns, hosted model searches, and took charge on the other side of the camera.

Viv always had the passion to document and share her fashion, style, and travels. So she was creating content even before professional “content creator” was a popular thing. After Instagram became a thing, she got to share her travels and style with the rest of the world, and the rest is simply history.

Gradually her social media continued to grow and it offered her a lot of opportunities to collaborate and work with different brands and marketing campaigns. Over the years she has now garnered a total of 7 years of experience in corporate marketing, media relations, and public relations.

As a content creator, she could integrate all of her skills and talents in modeling, advertising, marketing, creative direction, design, and other related fields. And that is exactly what caught the eye of the hotel industry. Her creative approach to professional content creation and marketing skills allowed her to collaborate with some of the leading hotels around the world like Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, etc.

Viv Li possessed the ability to turn all challenges in life around and grow up to be a successful content creator. Today, we have learned all about our favorite digital influencer, model, and content creator, Viv Li.

Viv Li advocates that only by making mistakes and going through hard experiences yourself, can you truly learn the lessons that push you towards success. So, there’s no need to be afraid to just keep doing what you can, as best you can and at your own pace.


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