Mayor Of Kingstown On Paramount+, Where Jeremy Renner Plays A Reluctant Liaison In A Town Full Of Prisons

It seems that Jeremy Renner has reached the “starring in high-quality streaming” stage in his career. Not only does he star in the latest Marvel Studios series, Hawk Eye, but he’s at the heart of the new Paramount + series Mayor of Kingstown. Is he really playing the mayor? No, but considering the town’s main industry is for-profit prisons, he might as well be. Read on to know more.

Opening scene: A child hits a tennis ball in a grassy area. A man in a vest catches the ball, gives the child another ball and gives him some money to hit the ball through the prison wall behind him.

Gist: That tennis ball was ignored by the guards and given to a specific prisoner, who opened it and took the drugs inside. Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) talks about how Kingstown, Michigan has seven prisons within a 10-mile radius, and his job is to be the conduit between inmates and the outside world, a job he doesn’t ever really wanted to do. first place.

Two days earlier, Mike and his brother/business partner Mitch (Kyle Chandler) were talking to a client. Mitch is in charge of this communications business; he has a lot of connections in prison and in law enforcement, most people call him “Mayor” – even the actual mayor calls him that. One of their relationships is brother Kyle (Taylor Handley), a detective for Kingstown PD.

Vera Sunter (Elizaveta Neretin), the wife of Milo Sunter, an important McLuskys client who is currently in prison, walks in; she tells Mitch that Milo wants him back a bag of money he buried in the woods after “that thing,” a robbery that Mitch knows about. She even has a map, which she tells him to copy.

Meanwhile, Mike is meeting with two COs he works with; one of them had a nephew who had just started work and was already in the pocket of a gang member prisoner. Mike said he would intercept a letter the nephew said he was sending, but a pirated tennis ball had to pass through the wall, and he asked the COs to make sure everyone there knew what was coming. out and will not interfere.

In the women’s prison, Miriam McLusky (Dianne Wiest) is teaching a history class to the inmates. After school, someone asked her if the Mayor could help her, and Miriam, disgusted with what her son did, told her to never ask her that again.

Kyle provides police cover for Mitch and Mike and helps Mike dig up the money bags. However, at the same time, someone is in the brothers’ office when Vera comes to see her at the strip club where she works. All hell broke loose after he followed her home, strangled her, and found the map she was holding. Simultaneously, the plan to protect the young CO goes sideways when the kid beats the prisoner to death, takes him to the hospital, and angers Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa), the head of the local Crips, who Mitch and Mike. there was an agreement.

Mayor of Kingstown
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What shows will it remind you of? Mayor of Kingston feel like Wire pass with Mare Of Easttown, which only adds boredom (really).

Our Take: Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone) and Hugh Dillon (who plays Ian, a top KPD detective loyal to the McLuskys) created Mayor of Kingstown, and the series starts off as a confusing mess. Renner, whose acting ability is usually more evident in the later scenes of the first episode, after he finds out what happened to Mitch he mutters his way in the first scenes. , which is full of code words and poor context jargon.

For example, when Mitch and Mike negotiate with the gang leader, they talk about “FedEx”. we knew it wasn’t exactly a package, and after we did, we realized it was the name of the drug-filled tennis balls they hurled over the prison wall. But everyone talks so fast and taciturn that it’s hard to tell the difference. To be honest, we still don’t know what was in the letter the young conservator sent, who had it and why it needs to be retrieved.

We realized that Sheridan wanted to use uninterrupted dialogue for these scenes, but there was no context for the viewer to grasp and could be confused or left out. It’s also a bit confusing because in his first voiceover, Mike says “I’m the Mayor of Kingstown,” but it’s clear that Mitch is the Mayor as the episode goes on. You start to forget that the opening comes two days after most of the action, which makes what happens to Mitch all the more surprising.

Despite good performances from Renner (at least in the second half of the episode), Wiest and Chandler, the first episode of Mayor of Kingstown are depressed non-stop, more want to break Heir ‘record of “number of f bombs per hour” rather than telling a coherent story.

What Mitch and Mike do, where they are paid to make the lives of incarcerated people and those working in various prisons a little less stressful, seems like good food for a set Thriller TV series full of anti-heroes. But after the first episode, it looks like we’ll basically see Renner being definitive about his business, fighting his mother over it, and maybe even being bullied by his police detective brother. mine. And we’ll probably hear more mumbling. That’s not our idea of ​​a hot show.

Gender and Skin: Vera goes topless in her work (which, of course, is at a strip club). She mulled over the guy who had seen her at the brothers’ office during a private dance, not knowing who he was.

Farewell shot: After picking up a stack of money at his office, now a crime scene, Mike is approached by a woman whose person is in prison in need of the Mayor’s help. Kyle tried to pull Mike away, but Mike gasped and asked the woman what her name was.

Sleeper Star: Since Dianne Wiest has been doing so much drama lately, people forget that she’s won two Oscars. She’s brilliant in the scene where she tells Mike he should never stay in Kingstown and work with Mitch.

Most Pilot-y routes: Bunny yelled to a puppy, “Fuck, get me some freezing cold stuff. I don’t care from where! ” after discussing the difference between snow cone, Slurpee and Blizzard. It’s funny but it seems out of place on this show.

Our call: IGNORE IT. When Mayor of Kingstown prides itself on great performances, it is sometimes confusing and extremely disappointing to others. If we want to watch a show that is relentlessly harsh, there are much better options out there.

Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, parenting, and technology, but he’s not kidding: he’s a TV junkie. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Slate, Salon,,, Fast Company and others.

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