Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers verdict on Rittenhouse on Twitter, calling him a ‘murderer’

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has smeared Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man who was found not guilty by a jury of his colleagues Friday, as “violent, dangerous” and “murderer” in a series of social media posts after the verdict was delivered – and which he may later regret.

Rittenhouse, 18 years old, was discovered Friday afternoon in legal self-defense on August 25, 2020, when a gang of violent leftist thugs pursued him with hands, feet, skateboards and guns during riots in New York City. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Before that, the teenager had put out fires set by arsonists and given first aid to complete strangers.

The situation worsened when Joseph Rosenbaum, 37, appeared willing to make good on the previous threat to Rittenhouse. According to sworn testimony, the man said that if he found Rittenhouse alone, he would kill him.

After being pursued by Rosenbaum, Rittenhouse shot his pursuer and killed him. The teenager then lunged towards police officers for safety – but was kicked by a man recently identified as Maurice Freeland, 39 years old, was hit in the head by a skateboard Anthony Huber, 26 years old and drawn by Gaige Grosskreutz, 27.

Rittenhouse shot and missed Freeland, fatally shooting Huber and hitting Grosskreutz in the arm, injuring him. His actions were justifiable, and the jury agreed that he acted in self-defence.


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That means all the public figures, grassroots media and politicians who have described Rittenhouse as a “murderer” or “white supremacist” could soon be found. themselves. Nicholas Sandmann-ed – meaning that Rittenhouse is in a favorable position to file lawsuits against the people and entities that have dragged his good name through the dirt.

chairperson Joe Biden painted the teen as a racist in a campaign ad last fall.

Biden did not apologize, but he did say he would accept the ruling on Friday after colonoscopy.

Enter de Blasio. New York’s The outgoing mayor waited until a court ruled the 18-year-old could move on before labeling him a threat to society.

“Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum were victims. They should be alive today,” the Democratic mayor of the country’s largest city, who has a policy of dealing with violent criminals, tweeted.


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“The only reason they weren’t was because a violent, dangerous man chose to cross state lines with a gun and start shooting people,” de Blasio said. “To call this a fallacy of justice is an understatement.”

The failed presidential candidate fired two more tweets about Rittenhouse, saying the acquittal of the young “murderer” was “disgusting.”

Not sure if de Blasio is trying to incite more riots in Kenosha, sending a signal that he doesn’t trust the country’s justice system or trying to attack a teenager. What is clear is that the mayor may have opened himself up to the possibility of a civil lawsuit.

A courthouse halfway around the world from New York City found that Rittenhouse didn’t kill anyone but acted in self-defense.

NS Democratic Party member Either he didn’t watch a bit of the trial, or he watched but wasn’t smart or open enough to understand what he was seeing.

In any event, defamation lawsuits could start to roll out soon, and de Blasio may have earned himself the opportunity to defend those tweets in court. Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers verdict on Rittenhouse on Twitter, calling him a ‘murderer’

Huynh Nguyen

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