Matt Walsh hits the cross-cutting agenda with a surprise new children’s book

Over the past decade or so, child abuse has become quite fashionable. It’s ethical today to allow your child to undergo unchangeable hormone therapy, simply because they momentarily identify as the opposite sex.

Of course, children often play pretend and let their imagination run wild. Some kids pretend they are dinosaurs, others are superheroes. If left alone, most of these fantasies will fade away, including the desire to be the opposite sex. Follow World Professional Association for Transgender Assistance, about 94% of children with gender dysphoria will return to their biological gender identity.

And yet, many parents, doctors, and LGBT activists believe that these children should be given the option to change their bodies permanently through hormone therapy. Of course, children are no more likely to agree to this than they are to consent to sex. They could not understand the long-term, life-changing effects of such a decision.

Well, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has had enough of this nonsense. Deciding to fight back, Walsh announced on Monday night that he had written a children’s book highlighting the utter absurdity of Transgender fever on the left. Probably The Daily Wire’s most outspoken podcast host (saying something), Walsh doesn’t hold back. He speaks as he sees it, and when it comes to transgender children, Walsh finds the interest in gender affirmation completely irrational.


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Walsh’s book – “Johnny the Walrus” – is about a boy named Johnny. Johnny has a wild imagination – he loves to play pretend. One day, when Johnny pretends to be a walrus, his mother is pressured by activists and doctors to raise him as one. She was asked to pretend he was a walrus, feed him like a walrus and even take him to the doctor for surgery to make him look more like a walrus.

It’s a perfect metaphor for the abuse children are perpetrating gender affirmation care confuse children.

“I don’t think there’s a comparison between a boy pretending to be a walrus – that’s my story – and a four- or five-year-old boy saying ‘I’m a girl,'” Walsh told The Western Journal. . “It’s exactly the same thing.”

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“I chose the walrus because I was trying to come up with the… weirdest looking animal I could think of, just to make it more absurd.”

“Little children are very imaginative and they also exist in a world where the line between fantasy and reality is completely blurred.”

As a father of four, Walsh knows very well that – in 2021 – it will be difficult to find a good children’s book without the political propaganda of the left. Unless you go to a Christian bookstore, finding a good book for your child is “a joke.”

And, while much of that propaganda is “racist content” – books like Ibram X. Kendi’s “Antiracist Baby” – Walsh finds that most of the books he finds promote “gender ideology being nurtured in children at a very young age, telling boys that if they wear a dress, they’ll be a girl, or that sort of thing. ”

When writing his children’s books, Walsh did not aim to write only responses to those books. He said he “didn’t want it to be defensive, but more offensive” in a humorous way and could “engage kids on one level” and adults on another.


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Walsh hopes that parents will understand the deeper points he is trying to make and that kids who have read the book – when introduced to the concept of transgender – will understand exactly what is going on. happen.

“I hope that… later, after they read this book, when they are introduced to those concepts, they will understand the framework in which these things should be understood,” Walsh told The Western Journal.

“They would say… ‘so, that boy is identifying as a girl? That’s like identifying as a walrus. ‘”

“I want them to make that connection because it is, in fact… exactly. And so, I guess in a way, this is my attempt to fight gender theory a little bit before they were introduced to it. “


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