Matt Reeves Takes inspiration from an unlikely source of horror for his Batmobile

Appearance Batman about to emerge as 2022 slowly peaks on the horizon. The story of Bruce Wayne has carried a ton of speculation since the first trailers were released, but information has surfaced around the decisions made behind the character and costume selections. From Kurt Cobain to the Zodiac Killer, inspiration was drawn from several fields to bring this pioneer into the Cape Crusader to life.

However, Matt Reeves’ mind seems to be taking an even darker approach to Batman, ensuring that every material element carries a soul of its own. The iconic bat car is no different and sits in an ocean of creativity, born from the imagination of the Stephen King classic.


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Some of the initial conversations surrounding the film have sparked horror comparisons due to the generally dark and violent atmosphere in the plot. Unsurprisingly, though, as the trailer has revealed some pretty gruesome moments, including the diabolical acts shown through Paul Dano’s portrayal of The Riddler. Matt Reeves’ creative direction lies in realism, which audiences have not been able to fully see since. the dark Knight trilogy of works. The authenticity takes away the magic, creating a city plagued by a serial killer, that’s the thing of nightmares. The footage shows the hideous Riddler mining a corpse while simultaneously expressing a desire to destroy the Cape Crusader. Broken bones and other elements on display sent shivers down your spine, but fear also existed openly in other areas.

Christine (Car)

In an interview with Empire (via BloodyDisgusting), Reeves discussed the iconic mobile car and the inspiration behind its gruesome design. “It has to appear from the dark to threaten, so I thought about it almost like Stephen King’s Christine.“Stephen King’s novel was released in 1983 and tells the story of a car possessed by malicious metaphysical forces. The book was made into a movie in December of the same year, bringing the poison Plymouth Fury to evil becomes an icon. “I like the idea of ​​the car as a horror character, creating a beastly look to really terrify the people that Batman is after,” continued Reeves, who was comparison has a certain weight.

The trailer revealed one such moment, highlighting the fear that emanated from her eyes Penguin (Colin Farrell) when the batmobile car emerges as a demon from the fire to continue pursuing the character. Plymouth Fury, a staple in Christine, has its own intentions and seeks revenge against anyone who has wronged its owner. Although the vehicle does not physically move on its own, its presence is a living entity that reflects the style of its owner. Robert Pattison announced he would “revenge” in one of the more iconic moments from the trailer, which speaks to the alarming reputation his car will carry. As Reeves said, when not alive, the car is a symbol of fear to those sitting on its path.

Nothing in this film should be taken lightly or belittled. Each section carries a number the relevance behind its purpose—Reeves then tries to bring back realism, removing most of the gadgets and flares associated with Batman story telling. Fear still creeps into reality, however, and Reeves seeks to unearth that by allowing every element to speak for itself. Dano’s Riddler costume lives up to such a creed, taking a simpler approach to building a more horrifying version of the character. At its most superficial level, the bat car is a living, breathing symbol of its fearsome owner, and like Christine, sends a notification that something unexpected is nearby.

Batman lands in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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