Matt Damon’s Viral Cryptocurrency Ad Is A Shameful Cash Collection

“Fortune favors the brave,” almost like a zombie Matt Damon let us know before we get to the computer-generated version of spaceflight with the red sphere. No, the actor is not encouraging us to explore more space or protect our planet from turning into a giant fireball, but rather investing in cryptocurrencies, a truest act of bravery.

In one Advertising from last October, now appearing on social media, the Oscar winner is one of many celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Tom Brady to Busta Rhymes, encouraging the public to spend their money. into the precarious, unregulated market that largely seems to help the rich get richer. The minute-long video shows Damon walking past 3-D images of a sailor, a mountaineer, looking like one of the Wright Brothers operating an aeroplane, a group of astronauts and a stylish young couple while lamenting the “regrets” of history and praising “those who embrace the moment and commit.”

The rest of his overly corporate monologue is: “In moments of truth, these men and women, these mere human beings, like you and me, As they looked over the edge, they calmed their minds and stabilized their psyche with four simple words that have been whispered by brave men since Roman times: Fortune favors the brave. ”

Celebrities love to tell us where to put our money, whether they’re promoting their own products, starring in a Pepsi commercial, or selling detox teas on Instagram. So it’s no surprise that actors, musicians, and influencers are all well paid to endorse any fake money and property scams they may have their hands on. come in and convince us to waste. However, a few people have made galactic brain arguments like comparing the expanse of science and traversing uncharted parts of the Earth to putting your life savings in Bitcoin during the financial downturn, while implying that life is a worthy regime that gives people economic rewards based on the size of their ball.

Of course, like most things that have come out since Last match of the star In recent years, Twitter has been unable to resist tearing up this bombastic script.

“The saddest thing about Matt Damon’s scheming crypto pitch where the viewer has to ACT NOW or he’s a slut is that here are the top 3 classic offers that all financial plans used to let men find their meager savings,” tweeted journalist Adam H. Johnson. “Nothing has changed in 150 years.”

“The coolest thing about crypto is the new Matt Damon ad where they compare themselves to Galileo and Sir Edmund Hillary despite being just a bunch of digital con artists.” tweeted again.

Some even shown The irony of Damon romanticizes a bold, new future after proudly admitting that he recently stopped using the word f****t after his daughter had to write him a treatise explaining why it was offensive. Likewise, this crypto promotion is just one more in the list of PR missteps that have made Damon the object of online ridicule over the past decade.

“Some have even pointed out the irony of Damon romanticizing a new, bold future after proudly admitting that he recently stopped using the word f****t after his daughter had to Write him an essay explaining why it’s offensive.”

Around the premiere of the critically and financially successful movie of 2015 Mars, Can you remember the actor who was in trouble a comment he made for producer Effie Brown on the HBO reality show Project Greenlight in which he said he didn’t want the film competition to consider only diversity, just “credit”. A few years later, he will dig himself down an even deeper hole in the rise of #MeToo when he admit upon learning of former collaborator Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment of The talented Mr. Ripley co-star Gwyneth Paltrow. I also assertive, like many men who were shaken by the idea of ​​consequences in 2017, that allegations of sexual abuse should be assessed on a “spectrum,” using comedian Louis CK as an example of the behavior. Predation should not be severely punished.

In these moments and his most recent F-word scandal, Damon struggled to portray the “straight, white dude from Massachusetts” personality that made him such an individual. It’s obvious to be a character in the Trump era, and possibly the worst thing that converts disbelievers to crypto.

Meanwhile, the Internet can’t have enough Keanu Reeves laughs at the concept of NFTs in an interview because the Matrix: Revive. Besides, OC heart Ben Mackenzie also featured about the responsibilities of celebrities when promoting cryptocurrencies to their uninformed fan base.

Damon should jot down a few things. Matt Damon’s Viral Cryptocurrency Ad Is A Shameful Cash Collection


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