Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 10 Best Heavy Weapons

The Mass Impact universe is crammed with all sorts of hazard. Pirates, mercenaries, Geth, and Reapers are only a few of the enemies out to kill Commander Shepard. Generally, the participant’s common weaponry is not sufficient to get the job performed. Gamers typically want extra harmful firepower to show the tide of a tough battle.

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That is the place heavy weapons come into play. These usually single-use behemoths have the potential to obliterate a number of enemies within the blink of a watch. It is price noting that some heavy weapons are a bit higher than others. Subsequently, it may be helpful to know which of those heavy-duty beasts is price looking for in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Up to date August 4, 2021 by Mark Hospodar: Realizing when to drag out the massive weapons within the Mass Impact trilogy can save gamers a variety of bother. Discovering the most effective heavy weapons is simply step one, as the bottom line is figuring out when to make use of these beasts on the battlefield. Typically, these weapons are finest utilized towards bosses or hordes of weaker enemies. It is also price being attentive to the results of every weapon. Some deal hearth, whereas others lead to huge explosions. It is really helpful to check all of those weapons periodically to realize a greater understanding of how finest to make use of them when the proper circumstances come up.

10 M-100 Grenade Launcher

The M-100 Grenade Launcher From Mass Effect 2

Simply because a weapon is acquired early doesn’t suggest it is doomed to grow to be out of date. The M-100 Grenade Launcher in Mass Effect 2 is an ideal instance. This specific heavy weapon is extremely helpful when fired at teams of enemies as a result of its excessive splash harm. Better of all, the grenade fires in a straight trajectory, so aiming may be very easy.

The weapon is acquired initially of Mass Impact 2. Miranda will instruct the participant to select it up as a small cluster of mechs pour by a close-by doorway. The M-100 Grenade Launcher will be saved all through the remainder of the sport and may shred by armor, shields, and biotic boundaries successfully even on the very best problem settings.

9 M-451 Firestorm

The M-451 Firestorm From Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Not all heavy weapons must be explosive in nature. The M-451 Firestorm is a conveyable flamethrower with a brief vary. Nevertheless, enemies caught inside its attain will endure awfully vital harm. The Firestorm is among the finest weapons for melting armor in a matter of seconds. Krogan and Vorcha are notably vulnerable to it because it negates their regenerative capabilities.

The M-451 Firestorm is current in each the second and third entries. In Mass Impact 2, it may be discovered throughout “Zaeed: The Value of Revenge” on the corpse of a useless mercenary within the room BEFORE the Refinery Core. In Mass Effect 3, the Firestorm can be utilized throughout the “Attican Traverse: Krogan Crew” mission.

8 M-490 Blackstorm

The M-490 Blackstorm From Mass Effect 2

The M-490 Blackstorm, also referred to as the “black gap gun,” is an immensely devastating weapon to make use of towards teams of enemies. It fires, unsurprisingly, a small black gap that pulls enemies collectively earlier than exploding in spectacular trend. Targets caught inside the blast are utterly disintegrated. It is the right weapon to make use of towards legions of weaker enemies, reminiscent of Husks.

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The Blackstorm is simply present in Mass Impact 2. The participant should buy it from Harrot’s Emporium on Omega for 5,000 credit. Alternatively, gamers can obtain a reduction from Harrot by finishing the “Omega: Struggling Quarian” facet mission. If that is the case, gamers can acquire the Blackstorm for under 4,166 credit.

7 Collector Particle Beam

The Collectors are an unusual alien race, and a lot of the broader galaxy thinks them extinct. Subsequently, Collector know-how is as unusual as it’s distinctive. The Collector Particle Beam fires a steady stream of intense power, melting shields, armor, and boundaries alike. It is also exact and has loads of ammo capability. The one disadvantage is that Shepard should preserve a relentless line of sight with the goal to reap the Particle Beam’s most potential.

The participant can solely purchase the Collector Particle Beam in Mass Impact 2. They’ll discover it throughout the “Horizon” mission after Shepard assembles the core members of his crew. There are a number of Collector Particle Beams scattered throughout the map, so discovering one should not be a difficulty. Failing that, one will probably be awarded to the participant on the conclusion of the mission regardless.

6 Reaper Blackstar

Shepard Firing A Reaper Blackstar From Mass Effect 3

The Reapers are a highly advanced race of biomechanical machines. As such, their weaponry is usually superior to something the opposite races have to supply. The Reaper Blackstar is a case-in-point. When fired, the weapon emits a collection of micro black holes that actually atomizes something in its path. It solely fires one charged shot, however that is greater than sufficient to finish a complete battle early.

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Like all heavy weapons in Mass Impact 3, Shepard drops the Reaper Blackstar as soon as they’ve fired it. It seems throughout a number of missions, together with “Precedence: Palaven,” “Tuchanka: Turian Platoon,” and “Mahavid: Leviathan.” Simply purpose this weapon within the basic neighborhood of an enemy and watch it do its lethal work.

5 Geth Spitfire

Geth Spitfire From Mass Effect 3

Just like the Reapers, Geth technology is also highly advanced and fairly highly effective. All through his adventures, Shepard has the chance to accumulate numerous items of Geth weaponry. The Geth Spitfire is a heavy weapon that acts as a minigun. It is absolutely automated, firing clusters of electrical projectiles that flip enemies into plasmic soup.

The participant can get their palms on the Geth Spitfire in Mass Impact 3. There are three situations the place Shepard can acquire the Geth Spitfire. The primary two are in “Precedence: Rannoch” and “Rannoch: Admiral Koris.” The ultimate look of this weapon is in “Citadel Wards: Ambush,” a part of the Mass Impact 3: Citadel DLC.

4 M-920 Cain

Shepard Firing M-920 Cain From Mass Effect 2

Nicknamed considerably erroneously because the “nuke gun,” the M-920 Cain delivers a devastating excessive explosive blast that emits a small mushroom cloud. The harm potential of the M-920 Cain is big, though it is hampered by its small ammo capability. It is best utilized towards sturdy, single targets or massive teams of enemies.

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The M-920 Cain seems in each Mass Impact 2 and Mass Impact 3. Within the former’s case, the Cain will be unlocked after researching three heavy weapon ammo upgrades on the Normandy. In Mass Impact 3, gamers can get their palms on it throughout the mission “Precedence: Earth.”

3 Arc Projector

Arc Projector Promo Art From Mass Effect 2

The Arc Projector is a devastatingly highly effective weapon when utilized towards teams of enemies. It ionizes targets by an invisible laser, electrocuting them within the course of. Moreover, this impact will be chained to different enemies within the neighborhood, multiplying its harm potential.

The Arc Projector solely seems in Mass Impact 2. Initially, it got here as a free merchandise as a part of the Cerberus Community DLC. However, the Arc Projector nonetheless seems within the Legendary Version. Gamers ought to obtain an email from the Illusive Man in regards to the Arc Projector when the weapon turns into accessible within the armory.

2 M-560 Hydra

Shepard Firing A M-560 Hydra From Mass Effect 3

The M-560 Hydra is the right instance of an “overkill” weapon. It releases a barrage of three miniaturized missiles, every designed to eradicate a goal intimately. One explosion destroys the goal’s shields and/or kinetic boundaries. The following one melts the armor. Lastly, the final explosion finishes off the now utterly defenseless goal. The M-560 Hydra is brutally environment friendly in its goal.

Gamers can discover this specific heavy weapon on a number of events all through the course of Mass Impact 3. These areas embody: “Tuchanka: Bomb,” “Precedence: Thessia,” “Despoina: Leviathan,” “Precedence: Earth,” and “Omega: Aria T’Loak.” Cost the Hydra to its most potential and let the missiles fly.

1 M-622 Avalanche

Shepard Holding A M-622 Avalanche From Mass Effect 2

Whereas most heavy weapons use excessive explosives or particle beams, the M-622 Avalanche makes use of cryo know-how. The weapon proves doubly efficient towards shielded and armored enemies. The freezing blast of the Avalanche will neutralize an enemy’s safety, ultimately freezing the goal strong altogether. Enemies become easy pickings once they cannot battle again.

This distinctive heavy weapon is simply accessible in Mass Impact 2. Commander Shepard can unlock the M-622 Avalanche on the Normandy as soon as they’ve made two heavy weapon ammo upgrades by the analysis station.

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