Mass Effect fans show what companions would look like if they were animal villagers crossing over

One Mass Effect players share fan work depicting Commander Shepard’s six iconic companions as if they were Animal Crossing villagers.

Legendary Edition Companion Feature Mass Effect

In spite of Block effect The game tells an unexpectedly hard sci-fi adventure story about saving the galaxy, multiplayer seems more interested in the game’s many figurative and literal colorful characters. The release Mass Effect: Legendary Edition only encourages fans to create more dedications for their favorite people. Now, one Block effect fans hooked all six members of Commander Shepard’s team in the original game, but as lovable villagers break out of a Mule position.

inside Mule In the game, players are encouraged to interact with villagers inspired by various animals with their own quirky costumes and personalities. This isn’t the first time fans draw characters from other franchises like Mule villager, but it may be one of the most suitable ways.


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Redditor odangowitch shows off a piece of fan art depicting Kaidan Alenko, Garrus Vakarian, Ashley Williams, Urdnot Wrex, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, and Liara T’Soni in vibrant colors Mule character. Each design not only reflects the personality, dress taste and body language of Block effect actors, but the artist also assigns each character one Mule species and personality. Other fans pulled out Block effect characters in other art styles, but odangowitch’s work is amazingly accomplished.

Kaidan Alenko is shown as a normal dog – one usually reserved for female villagers – and Garrus Vakarian is changed from a Turian to a dog eagle with Jock personality. Ashley Williams is depicted as a squirrel with an older sister personality, while Urdnot Wrex is transformed from a Krogan into a frog with a cranky personality. Tali was transformed from a Quarian to an octopus with a Peppy personality, although her hood and elaborate clothing may make it difficult for fans to notice these changes and Liara is transformed. changed from an Asari to a deer with a cocky personality. Each character shown is still wearing a modified version of them Block effect Costumes and aliens retain signs and crests.

Odangowitch notes that Kaidan and Liara have personalities that are often limited by gender, but they say they have specified personalities that they feel are appropriate for the characters. As of writing, it seems other fans agree with their pick. One user noted that Liara may not be complacent, but she certainly lives her life complacently. Another user said they can imagine This version of Wrex stomped around their island.

Legendary version of Mass Effect Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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