Mass Effect 3: Where to find Miranda

Miranda is not a teammate in Mass Effect 3, but the player must find her three times to complete priority quests and progress the story.

Mass Effect 3 Miranda in Citadel Apartment

Miranda Lawson is back 3 . block effect If she survives the events of the second game and the player must find her to continue the story in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. While this sounds easy, none of the former Cerberus Officer’s messages actually tell the player her exact location on the Citadel.

While she cannot be recruited as a teammate in the third game, Miranda is an important part of the “Priority: Horizon” quest late in the game. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition The player can use this guide to find out where Miranda is on the Citadel the first, second, and third times when she asks Shepard to meet her.


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Where to Find Miranda in Mass Effect 3 (First Time)

Mass Effect 3 Transit System menu with Dock Bay D24 highlighted

After completing a quest or quest after the “Palaven” priority quest, Shepard will receive a text message from Miranda requesting a meeting at the Citadel. The player can find her by View Deck at Normandy Dock: Flight Location D24. This can be achieved either by exiting Normandy or by using the Rapid Transit System terminal on board the train. The inner city Block effect.

Miranda will tell Shepard about her concerns for her sister Oriana. If the player wants to continue romance with Miranda in 3 . block effect, they should choose the “Nothing has changed” dialogue option when talking about their past relationship. It’s important to note that if Shepard broke up with Miranda here, she wouldn’t be able to survive the events of “Priority: Horizon.”

Where to Find Miranda in Mass Effect 3 (Second Time)

Male Shepard talking to Miranda on vid comm in Mass Effect 3

The player doesn’t actually see Miranda again after her second message. Instead, they can talk to her via vid comm by found Ghost Station at the Citadel Embassy location on the Citadel. If the profile on Kai Leng from Anderson in 3 . block effect was read, Shepard would warn Miranda that Cerberus was watching her. If she is not notified and the player has not completed her loyalty duty in 2 . Mass Effectshe will die in “Priority: Horizon.”

Where to Find Miranda in Mass Effect 3 (Third Time)

Mass Effect 3 Presidium Commons map

Miranda’s final message asks Shepard to meet her in a private room in the Citadel. This private room is located in the Apartment area of ​​the Presidency venue.. It’s important to give Miranda what she’s asking here to keep her alive in “Priority: Horizon.” Those who continue a romance with Miranda from 2 . Mass Effect It is also possible to get a small scene between the two and lock their relationship.

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