Mass Effect 3: Tali Romance Guide

Mass Effect: Legendary players can continue their romance with Tali in Mass Effect 3 as long as they choose the right dialogue options.

Renegade Male Shepard and Tali in the DLC Citadel for Mass Effect 3

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Tali is a team member and romantic choice for players as a male Shepard in 3 . block effectis a part of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. An import save of Shepard, who initiated a relationship with Tali in the second game, is required to be present with Tali in the final game of the trilogy.

How to Romance Tali in Mass Effect 3

Renegade male Shepard tells Tali he wants to be with her in Mass Effect 3

To romance Tali in 3rd block effect, the player has to rescue a male Shepard who has already started a relationship with her, and Tali definitely survived after suicide mission in 2 . Mass Effect. As long as these requirements are met, Shepard will meet Tali again in the quest “Geth Dreadnought”. Select “Do you still want me” when talking to her for the first time for a flirt chat with Tali.


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Go to Shepard’s room and invite Tali up using the private terminal. Choose “I’m here for you” and “I want to be with you” to keep the relationship with Tali for the rest of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This must be done before starting the quest “Farm” or Shepard couldn’t continue his love affair with Tali any longer.

During both missions with Tali, the pair will have conversations about their relationship as long as it’s locked. If Tali had survived the events of Rannoch by Shepard make peace between geth and the deador choose the escapees, she will join him until the end. Make sure to talk to Tali on Normandy to get a unique gift from her.

Tali will also be included in the option DLC “Citadel” for 3 . block effect. As long as the player tells Tali that they want to be with her during Shepard’s cabin conversation, there will be some romantic scenes between the two. Remember to choose Tali as your teammate to have more conversations with her.

How to get a romantic scene with Tali in Mass Effect 3

Refreshing Male Shepard with Tali on Shepard's Bed in Mass Effect 3

As long as the player maintains a relationship with her and she survives in Rannoch, Tali will visit Shepard’s quarters when the mission to attack Cronos Station is selected. Choose “Yes, I want” to spend the night with her.

Make sure to talk to Tali before the final push on Earth for one last extended talk between the two. If Tali were teammates in the final attack and survived as part of the the best ending in 3 . block effect, she was forced back to Normandy. Shepard can tell her that they loved her one last time before breaking up.

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