Mass Effect 2: Thane Romance Guide

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Thane Krios is a team member and a romantic choice for those playing a female Shepard in 2 . Mass Effect, is a part of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. After recruiting the assassin drell, his loyalty quest must be completed before the player can begin a romantic storyline with him.

This is Thane’s first appearance in the franchise, and the only game that can experience the full-blown romance between him and Shepard. There are scenes between the two in 3 . block effect, but they are not like other traditional romantic subplots found in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and do not count towards the Title/Achievement “Paramour III”.


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How to Romance Thane in Mass Effect 2

Female Shepard talking to Thane in Mass Effect 2

There are two essential things that players must do in order to romantic Thane in 2 . Mass Effect:

  • Play as a female Shepard
  • Earn Thane’s Loyalty

The first step to starting a relationship with Thane is to recruit him for suicide mission in 2 . Mass Effect by going to Illium. The player can choose any of the dialogue options during this mission, as nothing will lock the relationship with the assassin at this time.

Once Thane has been recruited, he can be found in the Life Support Control Room on the deck of Crew’s Quarters in Normandy in 2 . Mass Effect. However, there will be no chance to begin a romance with him until his duty of loyalty has been completed. While on duty, make sure Shepard lets Thane know Thane Talid’s exact location before the timer runs out, otherwise Talid will die and Thane will be disloyal to Shepard.

Thane talks to female Shepard on Normandy in Mass Effect 2

When Thane’s Loyalty Mission in 2 . Mass Effect completed, players can now visit him in the Life Support Control Room to take the next steps in the duo’s relationship. Continue talking to Thane until the option to ask about him appears, then select it. He will go into more detail about his wife, and players can start a relationship with Thane by choosing “I want you, Thane” when it appeared.

Keep checking back in with Thane after completing the main and side quests, and the final romantic side story will continue when the player asks to talk about him again. Make sure to select “I care about you too” to continue the romance when Thane fully admitted his feelings for Shepard.

If the player is also pursuing romance with Garrus in 2 . Mass Effect, or Jacob, they will have to stop and tell Thane that they just want him to continue their relationship. There’s an additional short conversation Shepard can have with Thane about their feelings for each other. Choose “I’m fine” to continue romantically with him.

How to get romantic scenes with Thane

Thane and female Shepard kiss in Mass Effect 2

When all of the above steps have been completed and the player is about to go on a suicide mission, Thane will arrive at Shepard’s quarters. Romance will happen no matter what, so feel free to choose any reaction. Thane must survive the trip through the Omega 4 Relay to appear in 3 . block effect after transferring this savings. However, as mentioned earlier, their chats do not count towards the “Paramour III” Title/Achievement.

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