Mass Effect 2: Tali Romance Guide

Tali is a team member and potential love interest for players as a male Shepard in 2 . Mass Effect, is included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. She was part of Shepard’s first mission working with Cerberus, but a romantic storyline couldn’t continue between the two until her loyalty quest was complete.

This is the first time Tali can be romanticized in the series and players must make sure their Shepard pursues a relationship with her in the second game if they want to romance her in the second game. 3 . block effect. Players can learn how to do this exactly in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition instructions below.


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How to Romance Tali in Mass Effect 2

How to choose Romance Tali in Mass Effect 2

There are several essential things that players must do in order to fully see Tali’s romantic storyline in 2 . Mass Effect:

  • Play as the male Shepard.
  • Do not hand in evidence against Tali’s father in her duty of loyalty.
  • Which side is with Tali in her confrontation with Army in 2 . Mass Effect, or resolve the situation peacefully with enough charm or intimidation.

The first step to starting a relationship with Tali is to recruit her for suicide mission in 2 . Mass Effect by going to the Quarian colony of Haestrom occupied by Geth. The player can choose any of the dialogue options during this mission, as none of the options will lock the relationship with Tali.

Once the quest is completed, Tali can be found in the above Technique Normandy in 2 . Mass Effect. However, there will be no chance to start a romance with her until her duty of loyalty has been completed. Make sure Shepard doesn’t hand over evidence against her father at the end of the mission, otherwise Tali will be disloyal and thus unable to be romantic..

Tali and male Renegade Shepard talking in Mass Effect 2

Once the loyalty mission is complete, the player can visit Tali in Technique to take the next steps in the duo’s relationship. She will talk about what happened, but the conversation will end. Then start another conversation with her asking to talk about her. After she mentions trusting Shepard, select “Are you pissing me off?”, then select “I care” when the options appear.

Keep checking back with Tali after completing the main and side quests, and the final romantic side story will continue when the player requests to talk to her again. Make sure to select the “No, you didn’t” options and then the “I want to be with you” options.. Anything else can be selected afterwards, unless the player has also romantic Miranda in 2 . Mass Effect, or Jack. Tell Tali Shepard just wants to be with her to continue the relationship. You can ask more questions on the left side of the wheel without spoiling the romance.

Asking to speak to Tali later will start a conversation about the safety of their romantic plans, so make sure to select “Only if it’s safe” to continue with the romance.

How to get romantic scenes with Tali

Tali and Male Shepard before going on a suicide mission in Mass Effect 2

When all of the above steps have been completed and the player is about to go on a suicide mission, Tali will head to Shepard’s quarters. Choose “Tali Relax, I want this” to start a little romance with her. She must survive the trip through the Omega 4 Relay to continue having feelings for her transfer to 3 . block effect.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Now out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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