Mass Effect 2: Liara Romance Guide

Liara may not have been recruited as a permanent member of Normandy SR-2, but if she was romantically involved in the first game, Shepard could continue their relationship with her in the third game. two. This guide will cover how to romance Liara in 2 . Mass Effect, is included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Can you romance Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Block Effect 2 Liara

Well, Liara can be romantic in 2 . Mass Effect to experience a fulfilling relationship with her in its entirety Legendary version trilogy of works. However, these extended romance scenes are not present in the main game.


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Both male and female Shepards can only continue romance with Liara from 1 . block effect if they play the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, which is included in the Legendary Edition. Have short conversations and a brief kiss between the couple on Illium when Shepard meets Liara for the first time. This is the only acknowledgment of their relationship that the player will get from the original game. To talk to Liara about their past relationship more and to experience a romantic encounter, the player must play and complete the quest Lair of the Shadow Broker.

How to Romance Liara in Mass Effect 2

Shepard talking to Liara after the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC

Start the DLC by talking to Liara on Illium. Continue with the story until Paragon prompts while talking to Liara before going to Shadow broker at its base of operations. Guaranteed hit the third prompt for a chance to talk to Liara before leaving.

If “Our relationship?” is chosen when Liara asks what she will talk about, she will make a jealous comment if the player has started a relationship or has had a sexual encounter with someone else in the game. 2 . Mass Effect. However, this doesn’t end the relationship, so don’t worry.

After trading with Shadow Broker, choose to hug Liara to see the couple kiss. Liara will start talking about their relationship and the player can press prompt Paragon to kiss her again. This will be available even to those who like play Renegade in Block effect.

Romantic scene between male Shepard and Liara behind the dark broker's lair

The quest is over, but the player can return to Liara and talk to her again. She will expand her thoughts on Shadow Brokers and Reapers, but players can select “I want to talk about us” and then “I want” to invite Liara for drinks on Normandy. While in Normandy, choose the “Happiness Forever” prompt to experience a brief romantic scene and lock the romance of Liara cho 3 . block effect.

This does not restrict Shepard from starting a romantic scene with another partner before starting suicide mission in 2 . Mass Effect, but the player will have to choose between both love interests in the third game. If Shepard decides to stay loyal to Liara during the second game, they will see her photo before going through the Omega 4 Relay.

Note that the duo won’t have a romantic encounter when Liara is invited on board Normandy in 2 . Mass Effect if Shepard had a romantic encounter with a character before going through Relay. Liara will instead comment kindly on Shepard’s new relationship.

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