Mass Effect 2: All Romance Choices, Rated

The Milky Way can be a large and lonely place, especially when Commander Shepard is trying to save the Milky Way. It is essential to build a strong team and form a strong bond if everyone is to survive the suicide mission.

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Sometimes, feelings blossom, and there is more than one friendship at stake between heroes and their comrades. In 2 . Mass Effect, there are many choices, all interested in a full-fledged romantic relationship with the galactic hero. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Shepard should pursue these relationships. So, Who is worth the time to command?, and who will get a company?

Updated on July 17, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Mass Effect 2 is considered by many to be one of the best action RPGs of all time, and it’s easy to see why. There are a number of reasons why this game has retained such a precious reputation, but the biggest contribution to this factor must absolutely be the memorable cast of characters in the series. Some of these characters can also become romantic partners…although some are simply better than others. Here are some of Mass Effect 2’s best romances and some of the weaker options.

9 Morinth

Morinth ready to kill Shepard in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Morinth is definitely one of the more interesting characters in 2 . Mass Effect. Her status as a fearsome Ardat-Yakshi means that players will need to track her down as part of Samara’s loyalty quest.

However, if the player goes the Renegade route, then they can definitely choose Morinth over Samara. This leads to a situation where Shepard may agree to sleep with Morinth… only to die on this attempt due to Morinth being able to drain the life force of those she sleeps with.

8 Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor's Mass Effect

Jacob is not God’s gift to women. Exclusively for a female Shepard, Taylor is a persistent guy. The commander will need to deny his advances several times before he gets the hint. In a way, his perseverance is admirable and flattering, but that’s where it ends.

There are few redeemable qualities to Jacob. Furthermore, the romance itself feels empty and very artificial. It’s hard to form any kind of meaningful association, which isn’t helped by Jacob’s non-existent personality. The best thing about his feelings for Jacob was the talk Mordin felt he had to give the Commander. On top of that, if Shepard felt inclined to give Taylor a chance, they would probably regret their decision to come. 3 . block effect.

7 Kelly Chambers

Block Effect 2: How to Save Kelly

The Normandy SR-2 features a new character who acts as the ship’s guardian. Kelly Chambers is a rather unremarkable character who, for the most part, serves as a crew member that Shepard can flirt with from time to time.

Even the scene where she and Shepard share a personal moment isn’t really remarkable. It’s just a boring romantic option for players who may have exhausted all their other options.

6 Samara

Samara 2 . Mass Effect

To be fair, Samara doesn’t actually have a scene where she has sex with Shepard. However, the sheer tenderness of their romantic encounters makes her one of the 2 . Mass EffectHer best romances are simply because these moments fit her personality and motives perfectly.

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Samara wouldn’t even give Shepard a chance to declare his interest if he strayed down a dark path. However, if the commander conforms to Paragon’s virtues and constantly shows his concern for Samara, then the two almost share a kiss… before Justicar’s values ​​come to an end. conflict with her feelings.

Persistent players who absolutely love Samara with all their hearts need to wait for the third game in the series before this romance finally sees the light of day.

5 Thane Krios

Thane Krios Mass Effect 2

An interesting choice, Thane Krios is a romantic choice for a female commander. As a Drell, Thane makes for an attractive companion, regardless of whether Shepard puts him to bed or not. However, being a great talker doesn’t necessarily make Krios a great romantic. Though he made no mistakes, he leapt ahead of Jacob.

Unfortunately, what could have made for a sweet relationship was ruined by the circumstances surrounding Thane. But, he could be worthy of any Shepard with a special interest in Drells, or aliens in general.

4 Tali’Zorah vas Neema

tali and the male shepard mass effect 2

Everyone spoke up. Game fans first ask for a romance with Tali, and BioWare fulfilled their wish. Honestly, Bioware did a đã great job with relationships in 2 . Mass Effect and Tali places herself in fourth place through no fault of her own. Quarian is a great character and can make for one of the best romances in the series 2 . Mass Effect.

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However, Tali just happened to be outdone by the few remaining options. The commander had known Tali since they clashed with Geth, so there was a solid foundation of friendship to build on. Honestly, it’s a joy to watch, but Tali’s character development isn’t quite as drastic as other Shepard male romances.

3 Garrus Vakarian

Garrus . Mass Effect

Like Tali, Block effect Fans all over the world have asked for the chance to applaud their favorite Turian. Thus, Garrus Vakarian also became a lovely companion in 2 . Mass Effect. However, this alien is only interested in a female commander.

Garrus is a rather clumsy charmer. It was certainly both amusing and surprising to see him goofy trying to show Shepard that he cared. His romance is definitely worth pursuing and arguably one of the best 2 . Mass Effect The romances are given throughout the entire series for a female Shepard. However, having met and known Garrus, there are not too many layers left to peel back. Therefore, the love story is somewhat less profound than the other two. Even though he made no mistakes, Turian was sure worth the time of day.

2 Jack

2 . jack volume effect

It was disappointing to discover that BioWare changed Jack’s sex. It would be nice if she was kept private and an option for both sexes.

However, this does not detract from the raw emotion that can be felt in one of the I 2most romantic relationships. Being with Jack is a wild ride, but it’s very useful. The psychotic creature has a post-tragic story, one that certainly explains her harsh behavior. However, as the game continues to grow the connection, Jack shows a part of himself that no one expected. As with many entries on this list, players can continue Jack’s romance in 3 . block effect.

first Miranda Lawson

miranda and nam shep ME 2

Now, Miss Lawson is quite the shock. Many people hated her from the moment they first met Agent Cerberus and with good reason. She was so cold that it felt like Normandy was a flying fridge. She clearly couldn’t stand the Commander, even if she had to respect his abilities.

The more Shepard got to know Miranda, the more it became apparent that they could melt the outer layer of ice. While Miranda’s story isn’t as terrible as Jack’s, she still struggles in other ways, which makes her this way. Throughout the game, she unfolds and grows, largely thanks to her growing relationship with Shepard. There are some touching moments to have with Lawson, even if her romantic scenes don’t make much sense.

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