Marvel’s Strange Spider-Man Bug Looks Like a Doctor Strange Crossover

A Marvel Spider-Man player has an unexpected visual glitch that makes it look like Doctor Strange is about to appear.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man fans are still playing the game years after its release, and while most of the secrets have certainly been found, new bugs can still be discovered. Such a bug makes it look like Doctor Strange is infiltrating Marvel’s Spider-Man player’s gaming session, something that is sure to bring laughter to the fans.

Marvel’s Spider-Man player will certainly be familiar with the game’s Doctor Strange easter eggs, as the Sanctum Sanctorum can be found inside the open world. However, while swinging through the Sorcerer Supreme’s mansion is fun, the player never actually meets the sorcerer in the game’s story. However, if Doctor Strange does show up at some point during Peter’s battle with the Sinister Six, it’s a player who proves what a cameo can look like.


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A clip from Reddit user RiepingCaio has garnered more than 3,000 upvotes on the official subreddit for NS Marvel’s Spider-Man series. The player can be seen fighting a few bad guys, but after they hurl one into the air and start swinging an item at their enemies, crashes occur. One of the thugs was stuck on a nearby street light, with the criminal seen waving his arms and legs as if they had fallen. While this is interesting enough on its own, it is the orange portal behind the enemy that is the real shocker.

With the exact same orange port used by Doctor Strange in MCU, fans aptly titled the post “I think I unlocked Doctor Strange.” The gate opens and closes continuously, just like the first moment Sorcerer Supreme movie where the hero is still learning how to use his Sling Ring. Once the portal is up and running, fans of the movie might think again Avengers: Endgame and the arrival of untapped heroes in the final battle with Thanos.

The visual glitch seemed to last forever, with RiepingCaio managing to take out other enemies and complete random crimes as their enemies kept hovering in the air. While some players want to see Spider-Man Zombie Hunter da in the sequel, which will see the wall reptile wearing Strange’s Flying Cloak, it would certainly be interesting if a proper cameo happens. For now, all fans have is this crash incident, to the chagrin of ostrichstan joking that the clip shows Insomniac’s version of Spider-Man being dragged in. Spider-Man: There’s no way home.

With the big screen cooperation between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man right around the corner, this error popped up at the perfect time. With all the excitement for the movie, it wouldn’t be surprising if players purposely intentionally trapped enemies so they could reproduce bugs for some Spider-Man: There’s no way home-beautiful photos.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Now available on PS4 and PS5.

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