Marvel’s Spider-Man Players Explore Interactions With Uncommon Environments

Marvel’s Spider-Man allows players to use web shelves, scaffolding, and newsstands, but one fan found a more unique environmental interaction.

players explore the interactive environment between the cannibalistic environment of Marvel's Spider-Man-Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games will certainly herald long after its time in terms of what it has introduced and improved upon the superhero-related game population.

When By Activision Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in is still being discussed today about its novel approach to web rotation in an open world environment, and there is a consensus that Marvel’s Spider-Man has been improved Spider-Man 2 in many ways. Marvel’s Spider-ManThe game’s seamless air-to-ground combat is augmented with gadgets, abilities, and environment interactions, and players have recently discovered a unique environment interaction.


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Reddit user putt123 shared their discovery about interaction with the environment in Marvel’s Spider-Man that is not often seen in normal gameplay, nor is it known to most players. In the clip provided by them, putt123 appears to be manipulating Marvel’s Spider-ManManhattan of the open world before they see a prompt on the user interface about a nearby exit. This prompt is the same interactive prompt that appears on other environment setups that the player can surf and throw like a projectile and, curious enough to see what happens, putt123 records the heads in is prompted.

The result is a gridded escape balcony that is completely ripped from the side of the building and down to the street below. Indeed, the environment is one of the players’ The most amazing tool in Marvel’s Spider-Man and is mostly effective when the utilities provided are low or if the enemy mobs grow too rampant. Spider-Man’s ability to toss enemies mid-air or jump freely in a variety of combat situations allows players to be lenient to approach multiple confrontations, with environmental set pieces that can take down enemies one-on-one. fast way.

Many players admitted that they had never seen this interaction before, which led to the unconfirmed belief that it was patched through a previous update and not an obvious feature since. from that. Marvel’s Spider-Mandebut. However, Daredevil731 claims that they are able to perform this feat “around the launch”, so perhaps it is simply an uncommon interaction. It’s also unclear whether every New York City fire escape has a removable bottom balcony or if this interaction is only present in certain areas.

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Spider-Man can drop rack units on unsuspecting thugs or hurl stationary Daily Bugle newspapers at them, but the balcony netting is a much less common interaction than throwing objects. appear frequently. Thanks to this clip, those who are currently playing Marvel’s Spider-Man now being able to look overhead during combat to find nearby exits could help turn the tide and provide some much-needed crowd control.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Now available on PS4 and PS5.

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