Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans Want a Spider-Gwen Spin-Off Like Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man fans want to see Gwen Stacy introduced in the sequel, with the goal of establishing a Miles Morales-like spinoff.


Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans are patiently waiting for more information about the 2023 sequel to be released, and some have passed the time by sharing their hopes for the game’s story and features. Recently, Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans began discussing Gwen Stacy, with many hoping for a potential side game.

This is not the first time Marvel’s Spider-Man fans have given Gwen Stacy’s character. A few months ago, fans discussed the possibility of Gwen appearing as a possible love interest for Miles Morales, building their relationship in the comics. While some agree with the idea, others want to see him start a romance with Hailey, building their chemistry on his solo game. However, many people still want to see Gwen become a superhero in her own right.


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While the original version of Gwen Stacy had one of the most tragic deaths in the history of Spider-Man comics, when she was killed by Green Goblin, an alternate universe version that became even more popular than the original. Introduced in 2014, Spider-Gwen is a version of Gwen Stacy whose powers fans are used to Peter. Their roles are also completely reversed, with Peter being the one to suffer a tragic death after he transforms into The Lizard. With unique costumes, a rock band, and some hilarious villains, Spider-Gwen has proven her popularity since her debut.

Given Gwen’s popularity, it’s no surprise that Redditors like sunbatherzero want to see a game Spider-Gwen become reality. However, fans and some commentators did not want to see her hasty introduction. Instead, they want to see her introduced in the sequel and built in the same way as Miles Morales, with players getting a glimpse of her life before she acquired her powers. With the success of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, more subheadings between numbered entries in the series would certainly make sense.

However, it is worth noting that players are divided on how to introduce her. Some interested in three Spiderman in a universe with so much to juggle. Others, like Redditor UpUppAndAwayWeb, are tired of the Spider-Verse concept dominating movies and comics and want a Spider-Gwen game completely separate from the main timeline. While this could see her finally make it past the main timeline, it will be difficult to return to a grounded Spider-Man story once Spider-Man is unfolded.

Regardless of whether the Spider-Gwen spin-off is connected or kept separate, it will be interesting to watch Insomniac game offers a new look at the character at some point in time. While the next Marvel’s Spider-Man The game can be busy enough, a post-credits scene or some small story scenes that lay the groundwork for Spider-Gwen could get many fans excited.

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