Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Should Avoid Controversial ‘One More Day’ Plot

As superhero games have evolved in the past from simple movies, their stories have become more and more unconventional – albeit relying on source material for inspiration. This has proven to be a great way to honor a character’s roots while building a new story for fans to enjoy and games like Batman: Arkham The series have been particularly successful in leveraging their comic book influence. With a slew of superhero games coming out over the next few years, one game that has the potential to make for a fun amount of comics is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

First entry in Insomniac’s Spiderman The series did a lot of things right. Not only is the gameplay satisfying across the board, the story can be considered one of the most entertaining Spider-Man stories in recent memory. Part of that success comes from the game’s inspiration and with the direction Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 seems to be using with Venom and Kraven, there’s even more room to touch Spider-Man’s source material. With all that potential, there is a comic plot Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Should be avoided.


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Spider-Man’s “One More Day” Storyline

Comics add a day about Spider-Man

Part of Spider-Man’s popularity over the past few decades has been the consistent quality of his comic storylines. However, not every Spiderman humor was well received by the fans. One of the plots that remains controversial many years after publication is the “One More Day” part.

In this story, Peter Parker is calculating the state of his life after revealing his identity during the events of “Civil War”. Peter’s Aunt May was attacked and was on the verge of death at the start of the comics, and he had to spend a lot of time trying to save her life. They all failed, and he was desperate enough to seek help from the demon Mephisto. To save Aunt May, Mephisto asks Peter and Mary Jane to sacrifice their marriage, which they eventually agree to. All wishes were granted by the end of the story, but many fans and critics disagreed with the decision to part ways by one of Marvel’s sacred couples.

How “One More Day” Could Destroy Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Features of Marvel's 2 peter mile spiderman mask

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 there was a short intro, but it seems to have established what could be a satisfying experience. To keep that momentum going, avoiding a story similar to “One More Day” would be for the best. Although it is difficult to recreate it because Aunt May is dead, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could put Mary Jane and Peter’s relationship in similar jeopardy. Not only will it turn some fans off immediately by any connection to the controversial manga, it will undo all the work the first game did to show Peter and Mary Jane. trying to save their relationship.

It’s a bit early to speculate on the specifics of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but it’s hard to doubt how risky it would be to use a plot like “One More Day” as inspiration. Insomniac proved it can create a fascinating world from Spiderman lore, and there are more popular comics to use if it has to rely on source material. Given the level of hype that has built around the sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have to strike a careful balancing act to meet fan expectations while delivering a refreshing experience.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Currently in development for PS5.

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