Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Was Snubbed In One Key Game Awards Category

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy arguably the biggest surprise of the year. The game didn’t market as much as one would expect, possibly due to controversy Marvel’s Avengers. With much worry that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy As it turns out to be equally flawed, the level of hype isn’t nearly as high as is often the case for an AAA Marvel game. Fortunately, the titles Eidos Montreal and Square Enix received a bit of praise from fans as well as critics.

That positive feedback has been seen Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy received some well-deserved nominations at Game Award. The game received nods for Best Narrative, Best Action/Adventure Game, Best Soundtrack, and Improvements in Accessibility. However, there is one area where it has been amazingly overlooked: Best performance. With a lot of great acting to watch in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, this is really strange.


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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Strong Performances


Players don’t have to search too far to get strong performances in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. For starters, Lord of the stars actor Jon McLaren did a great job making his version of Peter Quill stand out from the one seen in MCU. His best scene comes late in the game when Quill has to help Nikki get out of The Promise, as McLaren’s light-hearted approach to the scene stands out from the noisier scenes before it. The scene is really emotional, with Quill’s advice making you feel more sincere due to the acting.

When Gamora might be the weak link About her impact on the main story, she is played by Kimberly-Sue Murray. Murray reinforces the outspoken nature of her character, with Gamora appearing as the fearsome force that players expect. However, as the Deadliest Woman in the Milky Way gets more emotional, Murray performs well there too – with Gamora’s confession of Nebula heightened by the strong performance.

Many people have been told about how amazing Eidos Montreal takes on Drax is, because the developer has succeeded in making him more than just a punching bag. Although his sarcasm remains unintelligible and his bluntness makes for some hilarious dialogue, the sobering scenes in which the player gain insight into the money he has lost are easily his best moments. It’s hard to imagine the dialogue on Knowhere or Drax saying goodbye to family working so well without Jason Cavalier’s performance.

Perhaps the most annoying thing is in the form of Rebel Missile, who was played to perfection by Alex Weiner. Not only is the character central to the game’s story, as players see him deal with Trauma and attack Quill, but all of his dialogue feels like it comes straight from MCU. While Weiner doesn’t get the full impression of Bradley Cooper’s Rocket, he does manage to create a very similar voiceover, resulting in players being able to instantly tune in to Rocket’s in-game voice. Any trouble worked out for the better with this performance, with Rocket’s playfulness and belligerence a natural feeling.

With Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxyMantis and Adam Warlock are also well acted, having plenty of strong performances throughout the game. All of the main Guardians deserve nominations, so it’s confusing that the game hasn’t received any love in this category. Although it is fair to see Deathloop received two nominations due to Colt and Julianna’s stellar performances, it’s odd that a game was nominated twice in the same category while another well-deserved title was eliminated entirely. While it could make the case for any of the Main Guards to be recognized for Best Performance, one of them deserves a nomination, even if it means expanding the list up. six nominees.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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guardians of the galaxy review
Review of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has an emotional and fun story, and the role-playing and combat decisions are enjoyable if a bit tense.

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