Marvel’s Avengers 2.2.2 Today’s Patch Update

Marvel’s Avengers Update 2.2.2 was released today and there are a lot of changes that have been made to the game.

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This is a pretty big update to the game, with 38 changes in total. Most of these are bug fixes and performance improvements, and there are no new features as such. However, considering that it solves some important problems, it turns out pretty Important update.

Marvel’s Avengers | Holiday content trailer



Marvel’s Avengers | Holiday content trailer





Marvel’s Avengers 2.2.2 Update patch notes today


  • The game no longer crashes or crashes after completing the Reassemble Campaign.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid during Klaw’s fight with Zawavari, the platforms that appear when Klaw lays down no longer leave invisible impact zones.
  • During the Sound of Discord raid in the first jungle area, enemies no longer spawn in rocks or stairs.
  • In the final Indoor Area Discord Sound Raid, Vibranium Exposure’s debuff will now fill the entire area so it’s impossible for the flyer to avoid it.
  • In Discord Sound Raid, the Command Crawler is no longer fully stationary if it is hit by Kamala’s hand while she is holding another enemy’s hand.
  • During the Discordant Sound Raid, an extremely large number of Echo portals no longer appear in some cases during the final battle with Klaw.
  • In Discord Sound Raid, enemies behind the door button area are no longer trapped, which previously prevented progress.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, fixed an issue where the player could not move if Iron Man summoned Hulkbuster as soon as the elevator opened to the Control Room.
  • In Discord Sound Raid in the door button area, if the player uses the Symbol or Distance Attack, their buttons will no longer work.
  • [PS4/PS5] Correctly animated mouth in the cutscenes after completing the Amazing Spider-Man Quest.
  • [PS4/PS5] Fixed an issue where any Hero could complete a Hero objective on Spider-Man’s Cosmic Threat Network.


  • In the Control Room Area Discord Sound Raid with Shuri, if all players are in the outer area with no way back, they will be teleported back properly.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, the player no longer appears behind a wall after completing the Control Room if the server moves within the loading screen.


  • Black orbs no longer appear when Iron Man is equipped with the Muon or Missile Reverberation device.
  • The camera now follows Iron Man as he uses Takedown on Hunter Crawler in Here Comes the Pain.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man can no longer crawl on invisible walls in specific maps.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Underground Suit’s eyes now match the icon where it glows white instead of red.
  • [PS4/PS5] The sound effect appears when Spider-Man tries to pick up Mjolnir on the spiraling coaster.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Mark IV costume no longer rotates when the animation is inactive.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Wrestler Outfits’ jacket no longer clipped near the end.

User interface

  • The game no longer responds when skipping Gear Upgrade instructions if it says Shipment.
  • [PS4/PS5] Various text enhancements to Spider-Man Skills and Perks.


  • When Hunter Echoes are invisible, their missile attacks are now visible.
  • Use Black Panther’s King’s Mercy in the underground area in Beating the Odds where you need to defeat 3 Prime Adept Synthetic, no longer sending enemies through the door.
  • The comic bonus involved armor reduction to prevent the player from getting 100% armor, which nullified all damage.
    • The tiers used to be 1.1% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
    • They are now 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
  • [PS4/PS5] When moving the camera horizontally in Spider-Man’s web launch, the screen no longer vibrates upon landing.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Hit the Sky skill reasonably increases melee damage while in the air.
  • [PS4/PS5] When Spider-Man clings to a wall to start running across the wall, he no longer goes straight up, but instead follows the direction of the operator.


  • When upgrading equipment, the exact number of Upgrade Modules will be used up.
  • [PS4/PS5] With Spider-Man’s Balanced Echo Skill, Quick Spins now accurately deal Vibranium damage.
  • [PS4/PS5] With Spider-Man’s Balanced Scream Perk, Rapid Spin now properly deals Sonic damage.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Wrecking Ball Overdrive perk will now properly grant Wreckage’s healing level.

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