Marvel’s 5 best performances in 2021

2021 has been completely packed with new releases from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – not just new movies like Shang-Chi and Spider-Man: There’s no way home, but also Disney Plus TV shows like WandaVision, Loki, and Hawk Eye. And with so many new entries in the MCU, there are plenty of excellent actors bringing both old and new characters to life.

So, for this list, it’s time to look back at the MCU’s best performances of the past year. Remember, not every standout portrait will be honored – even if the list is twice or even tripled, there won’t be enough room. But these five actors have certainly left an impact on the MCU this year with their amazing talent.


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WandaVision Powerful Cut

Last winter, WandaVision kick off a year of the MCU huge success, thanks in no small part to Elizabeth Olsen’s incredible performance as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch. Wanda is already a fan favorite for her small but memorable roles in Avengers movie, but WandaVision gave Olsen the opportunity to showcase her acting skills in ways that her previous outings did not allow.

In WandaVision, Wanda can be a bubbly housewife one moment and a cold, calculating manipulator the next, and then a heartbroken, downtrodden hero the next. It takes a really versatile actor to properly portray such a nuanced character, but Elizabeth Olsen makes it look easy, Easily combine humor, tragedy and horror in the space of one episode. It’s hard not to be excited to see where Olsen will put his next character Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Hawkeye Florence Pugh

From one stellar leader to another, Florence Pugh has proven to be one of the MCU’s biggest breakout stars of 2021 as Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s sister. A lesser actor would play Yelena, who is a cold, brooding assassin, but Pugh brings a lively human to the character. Yelena isn’t an emotionless killer – she mocks Natasha’s poses, gets agitated by mundane things, and quarrels with her family.

But even so, Yelena still carries her pain traumatic upbringing as a Black Widow, and Pugh captures her vulnerable side as well as her funnier sides. Yelena could easily appear as a cheap replacement for Natasha, but thanks to the talent of Florence Pugh, she’s one of this year’s best new additions to the MCU.


Speaking of surprise fan favorites, here’s a character few expect to see introduced this year – The One Who Remains, leader of the Time Variance Authority, and a variation of Kang the Conqueror. Majors only appeared in the season finale of Loki, which gives him much less screen time than the other actors on this list. The fact that he made it into the top five should nonetheless be a testament to the sheer charisma and charisma he brings to the role of He Who Remains.

Specialization ‘take on’ TVA’s shadow mastermind not a stoic and serious lord, but a charming, lively presence who even manages to make the exhibition interesting. But He Who Remains barely leaves one feeling satisfied, and Majors manages to make him as terrifying as he is lovable. If this is the kind of performance that can be expected from the Majors onward, it will be very difficult for him to properly debut as Kang.

Ancient Mandarin in Shang-Chi

One of the biggest villains of the year – if one can even call him a villain – Xu Wenwu from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quickly carve out a place among the greatest villains of the MCU thanks to the masterful acting of Tony Leung. Wenwu is a really complicated character who is both a villain and a victim, a ruthless warlord and a loving family man, both a sadistic murderer and a painful widower. sad.

That kind of balancing act requires a truly incredible actor to portray such a complex villain. Thankfully, Tony Leung was the perfect man to bring Wenwu to life. He can be warm and gentle in one scene, and then be terrifyingly callous in the next. But most of all, Leung brilliantly portrays Wenwu’s vulnerability, taking the common Mandarin found in the comics and transforming him into a desperate, heartbroken, and utterly tragic character that has taken over the world. been the hearts of countless fans.

Spider-Man No Way Home Tom Holland

But out of all the MCU projects released this year, few can compete with excellent cast of Spider-Man: There’s no way home. There are plenty of stand-out actors who could easily make it to this list, from Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin to Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus – plus one or two other characters not featured in the trailers introduce. However, the beating heart of the film is its protagonist, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. While the other characters can sometimes steal the show, the series simply wouldn’t have worked without the sheer upbeat sincerity Holland sends into Spider-Man.

More than anything, There is no way home is a story of Peter Parker’s benevolent compassion, his desperate need to save everyone he can – and Holland has managed to deliver that side of him. character with spectacular results. In addition, the film offers more opportunities for Holland to show off than ever before. His Spider-Man can be funny, sincere, determined, sad or even angry. But no matter what, he still feels like Spider-Man. Tom Holland’s take on the role of Peter may be divisive among certain fans, but There is no way home proves that he is a worthy successor to the role.

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