Marvel Future Fight Best Universal Characters

Although Marvel Studios (aside from Insomniac’s Spider-Man) haven’t had much of an impact on the gaming industry, the mobile game is 2015 Marvel Future Fight has gained a good following. This is largely thanks to the progressive updates and frequent events that keep the community afloat, as well as the regular releases of Marvel Cinematic Universe on mainstream entertainment platforms.

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Aside from the odd 30 movies and web series the studio has churned out in the last decade and a half, the list of superheroes in Marvel Comics is a long one. The game brings them all together under one roof, introducing new fans and players to characters and superhumans that have never been in the spotlight. Some underrated and overshadowed heroes reside in the “universal” segment of the game.

10 Post

When life gives you a serum, it’s only wise to make the best use of it. During his addictive days, Robert Renolds stole and consumed the Golden Sentry Serum; And that’s how it happened Post was born. With the power of millions of suns flowing within him, he must win an inner battle against his alter ego known as the Void. However, the superhero brings out all the goodness of the serum, fighting for the right cause while struggling to keep the Void at bay.

The Sentry can max out its stats with an Energy Attack 16219a physical defense of 13049and a power defense of 13991with max hp from 48237.

9 Doctor doom

Victor von Doom was once a renowned scientist and a colleague of Reed Richards’ before an (un)fortunate turn of events put the two on one side of the spectrum or the other. Since then, Doctor Doom’s obsession with revenge has driven him down a dark hole, leading him to use his gifts/curse for anything that can make the world anything but safe. As a result, Dr. Doom creates some of the most iconic inventions in the Marvel Universe by combining his gifts with his scientific mind.

Doctor Doom can max out his stats with an Energy Attack 9689a physical defense of 4165and a power defense of 4373 with max hp from 16629.

8th Loki

Known as the god of mischief, Thor’s adopted brother, the prankster and many more, Loki’s obsession for power and the throne has fueled multiple tales and countless attempts over the centuries to annihilate Thor from the sight and history of Asgard throughout he sits on it his throne as supreme leader. Even for fans who have no idea what he can do in the comics, the first Avengers movie must have filled them.

The Troublemaker can max out its stats with an Energy Attack 10261a physical defense of 5951and a power defense of 6823with max hp from 22960.

7 Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, best known for her alter ego, The Scarlet Witch, is Magneto’s daughter and Quicksilver’s twin sister. The Woman in Red uses her powers with great potential, allowing her to bend and warp the reality the world is set to accept. A ticking bomb in Christopher Nolan’s world, she overcomes all obstacles with her ability to manipulate people and objects.

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The Scarlet Witch can max out her stats with an Energy Attack 13902a physical defense of 6224and a power defense of 8544 with max hp from 26119.

6 hela

For anyone who is a fan of Thor: Ragnarok Movie, that’s to be expected hela needed no introduction to their skills. The goddess and ruler of the undead realms of Asgard was banished due to repeated attempts to conspire against Odin and the throne. As ruler of the undead, Hela has the power of life and death and is said to be the reaper of Asgard.

The Scarlet Witch can max out her stats with an Energy Attack 12578a physical defense of 7589and a power defense of 8544with max hp from 31385.

5 wrong way driver

That Ghost Rider is a unique and iconic Marvel superhero. Aside from the Nicholas Cage films, fans have wanted to see the daring stunt biker with the burning skull return to mainstream cinemas, but the wait seems endless. Bonded with the demon Zarathos during a supernatural event, Johnny gained the ability to transform into the Ghost Rider. The flaming skull rider roams the night, protecting the innocent and sending the evil souls of evildoers back to hell.

The Ghost Rider can max out its stats with an Energy Attack 9864a physical defense of 8354and a power defense of 8773 with max hp from 36441.

4 bang

bang It is believed to be older than the universe and spent most of its time hibernating in the endless abyss. Then the Big Bang awakened the Lord of the Abyss, sending him on a killing spree across the vast expanses of space, turning whatever life he found in his path into his army of symbiotes. The heavenly supernatural being is as powerful or more powerful than the cinema version of Thanos and can rain destruction on those who get in his way!

Knull can max out his stats with an Energy Attack 16550a physical defense of 13991and a power defense of 12776with max hp from 47183.

3 Proximate midnight

Proxima Midnight might not sound familiar at first, but if you recall, she made her big screen debut in Infinity War alongside Thanos. She is a prominent member of the Black Order, a group of aliens closely associated with Thanos. The team is diverse, with characters with different abilities, and Proxima brings the supernatural element to the table.

Proxima Midnight can max out with an Energy Attack 11585a physical defense of 6497and a power defense of 5963 with max hp from 32439.

2 molecule man

Owen Reece, once the average everyday worker, suffers an accident at ACME Atomics Corporation. His body absorbed all the random radiation and turned into a molecular being capable of manipulating matter and energy at the “molecular” level, hence the name – Molecule Man. However, its ability to alter the physical structure of any tangible matter makes it a strong candidate to contend against.

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The Molecular Hero can max out its stats with an Energy Attack 7340a physical defense of 4048and a power defense of 4856 with max hp from 17563.

1 Jean Grey

By far the most powerful character in the Marvel Comics, Jean Gray from the X-Men Family is an Omega level mutant possessing the powerful cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. It is believed that her unused powers can destroy the known universe, but her troubled mind somehow manages to keep things under control.

The Unstable Universe Destroyer can max out its stats with an Energy Attack 15557physical defense against 11411and a power defense of 13418 with max hp from 40864.

Marvel Future Fight is now available to download on Mobile for Google Android and iOS.

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