Marvel Fans Aren’t Sure What To Think Of ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Rumors

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With hype for 2022 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness rumors too.

Like Spider-Man: There’s no way home, heaps of fan theories and carefully crafted rumors swirl around the mind-bending movie. The film’s setting in the multiverse offers a unique opportunity for cameos, like those we’ve seen in There is no way home. Still, a potential cameo has left some Marvel fans shaken as they try to rack their brains as to how introducing Inhuman might fit into the current MCU lineup.

Shared by Fandom Wireby TJ Zwarych, it should be noted that the rumor is correct. Zwarych stated that they have confirmed that at least one Inhuman will appear in Madness’s Multiverse, suggesting that the birth of Marvel’s Illuminati may be near behind.

Black Bolt, the leader of the Inhumans, will appear in Madness’s Multiverse, according to Zwarych. There is no confirmation that the actor who portrayed the character in Marvel was filmed globally In humans series, Anson Mount, will return, but – as Zwarych notes – the character will likely be reimagined. Marvel has worked hard to steer clear of their failed attempt at an Inhumans series, and re-editing the team will go a long way toward forcing people to forget about that particular brutality.

Sorcerer Supreme

Instead, it looks like a new Black Bolt will debut in Madness’s Multiverse, especially knowing that this character was planned from the start. Zwarych claims to have confirmed that Black Bolt is not related to any Madness’s Multiversethere’s a lot of reshoots, which means that the character is a planned part of the story from the start.

Black Bolt’s introduction sets the stage for the rest of his genetically modified superhero family to join the MCU as well. It also prepares the current group of MCU superheroes to potentially form the Illuminati, a secret society that, in the Marvel comics, protects and manipulates creatures on Earth and eventually other planets.

The potential for the birth of the Illuminati has many fans curious, especially considering that very few of the original Illuminati team are now major players in the MCU. The original team consisted of Iron Man, who we all know died in the MCU, Namor, the king of Atlantis, Mr. Fantastic, Professor X, Black Bolt and Doctor Strange. Out of all the characters in this lineup, only Doctor Strange is part of the MCU. Black Panther is also a popular member of the Illuminati, and rumors suggest that Namor may be introduced in the near future. Black Panther next part.

All of this seems to hint at another major effort on the part of Marvel Studios, which could pay off with the introduction of one of Marvel’s most popular teams. The Illuminati are a unique and intriguing premise given that they are anti-establishment, a form of government superhero tasked with monitoring and to some extent, controlling the happenings in their universe. It’s also composed, very purposefully, primarily featuring characters with a certain degree of callous pragmatism, an important trait when one may have to choose between their universe and their own. other universe.

In the comments section of a MarvelStudiosSpoilers Reddit post detailing Black Bolt’s appearance in Madness’s Multiverse, a lot of people showed up to share their own theories about Black Bolt’s intro. Many took it as a sign that the Illuminati were in the future of the MCU, and began sharing theories about how the team would be formed and introduced.

One of the better theories suggests that the idea of ​​the Illuminati would have been born out of Doctor Strange’s foray into the multiverse. Namorons users believe that Wanda and Strange will stumble across the Illuminati Multiverse during their adventures in Madness’s Multiverse, brainstorming ideas for a group of their own. Strange will be the mastermind behind the team, instead of the more traditional Tony Stark, starting to form a team to fulfill a role he previously didn’t know existed.

The MCU has formed itself a team of Illuminati heroes capable of wreaking havoc, a team capable of tackling a truly epic quest but also capable of massive corruption. This could prepare the franchise, which some have accused of becoming stale, to revamp things in a whole new way.

There’s also the possibility that Black Bolt’s intro won’t be what it seems. We already know that Skrulls are capable of providing completely passable mimicry to nearly anyone and are a In humans The plot sees Black Bolt being temporarily replaced by a Skrull. The MCU is able to quickly appeal to comic fans, promoting the idea of ​​an Inhumans intro while really only offering a Skrull in full cosplay.

Whichever way Black Bolt’s potential introduction plays out, it’s sure to open whole new doors to the sprawling cinematic universe that is the MCU. Marvel Fans Aren’t Sure What To Think Of ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Rumors


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