Mario Kart 9 may focus on new vehicle types

Leaks suggest that the next Mario Kart game will have a makeover, meaning Nintendo could break from its usual focus on land vehicles.

Mario glides to the finish line of the Mario Kart course with Bowser and several Toads in sight

New rumors suggest Nintendo plans to offer Mario Kart 9 sometime soon, and it’s going to have some big turning points. A leaker stated that Mario Kart the game will function as a crossover title uniting multiple Nintendo IPs under one roof, but it’s possible Nintendo is thinking differently. The previous parts like Mario Kart: Double Dash introduced special gimmicks that blend the racing formula, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Nintendo build Mario Kart 9 around some new kind of mechanic. However, until Nintendo reveals it, fans will have to guess.


Is it possible? Mario Kartnext big turning point is that it will not focus on karts and motorcycles. Instead, it is possible that Nintendo will have players race against each other across multiple environments. Mario Kart 9 can see players choose their means of transportation in the seas and skies as well as on land, introducing new courses where players sail and fly planes in a set course. ONE Mario Kart The game with these new vehicle types will definitely need to make some adjustments to its items and controls, but diversifying the game’s tracks in that way will certainly make it be different Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, continued success on the Switch.

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All Terrain Mario Kart Game

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Mario Kart 7 and 8 really set a precedent for a Mario Kart The game leaves the ground behind. Although players don’t actually jump into planes and boats to compete with each other, Mario Kart 7 add hang-gliders for the means of the game, allowing segments to glide in courses. Mario Kart 7 There are also courses in which the player drives a vehicle underwater, going against the normal state of the water as a hazard. Mario Kart 8 keeps these variations on the terrain while also introducing anti-gravity segments where the player drives on walls and ceilings.

This Mario Kart Tests have been pretty successful so far, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo brought those concepts to their logical conclusion by adding flying and sailing courses. The Super Mario the brand certainly has no shortage of famous places be it the water level and the water level in the sky. Speedboat races possible Mario Kart fans anywhere from the beaches of Isle Delfino to Super Mario Bros. forest toxic hazards to Lava lake around Bowser .’s castle. Meanwhile, sky levels can take players on a course including Bowser’s Balloons or take fans to Super Mario Galaxy– Fascinating courses filled with minor planets.

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ONE Mario Kart games with boats and planes will not only diversify the course of the game; it will also driving Nintendo innovation about franchise items and obstacles. It’s pretty hard to throw Banana Peels at someone in the air, but Nintendo could introduce Winged Banana Peels that hover in place when they’re dropped. Similarly, at water level players can throw Cheep Cheeps at each other instead of Koopa Shells. Water levels and skies will also need unique ways to keep the player on track, whether the player is simply stuck in a tunnel or constrained by whirlpools and thunderstorms.

Although Nintendo has certainly innovated Mario Kart In the past, franchising could be slow to change overall. Instead of being too different from each other, they often only differentiate themselves by playable characters and racing cars. After the great success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo shouldn’t be afraid to try new things as it develops Mario Kart 9, including adding new vehicle types to the game. Increase the learning curve of Mario Kart a bit with the introduction of new media types that will eventually succeed due to its potential to attract players, as well as all the new content that more vehicle types can bring to Mario Kart experience.

Mario Kart 9 rumored to be in development.

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