Margarita Simonyan asked ‘Where’s Champagne?’ on Russian State TV with scenes of Ukrainian Children preparing for war

President of Russia Vladimir Putin stunned the world on Monday when he unilaterally recognized two Kremlin-backed breakaway regions in Ukraine., Luhansk and Donetsk, as independent states, and ordered the Russian military to conduct so-called “peacekeeping operations” there. The move has drawn widespread condemnation from global leaders, who have accused Putin of violating international law and expressed concern that the latest escalation could soon turn into an invasion. Russia’s comprehensive strategy into neighboring countries.

In Ukraine, Putin’s decision only exacerbates the pain and anguish caused by years of bloody conflict, fueled and funded by Kremlin. Parents across the country have been doing whatever they can to prepare their families for a potential Russian attack. “If you want to know how Ukrainians react to Putin’s speech, here’s a glimpse: moms on Facebook discuss putting stickers on their kids’ clothes when they go to school, tell them their blood type”, journalist Olga Tokariuk tweeted in Monday. “Make no mistake: this speech is seen as a declaration of war on Ukraine.”

For some, the new developments have only increased their resolve to fight back. “With just his speech, Putin has strengthened the Ukrainians like no one else here can. My friends are talking about participating in the defense of the territory, “Ukrainian correspondent Iryna Matviyishyn Written. “And now the Kremlin maniac is the most hated person in Ukraine.”

On the contrary, there is fun and laughter on State TV station of Russia.

On Monday, RT . Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan appeared above Evening with Vladimir Soloviev Get ready for a big celebration. “First, I don’t understand why there’s no champagne in the studio,” she said. Talking to each other, Simonyan described feeling “a feeling of extreme euphoria” and added: “I have been waiting for this for eight years… It has finally happened. This is true happiness. “The declaration is spoken on behalf of the people” Donbas “”, exclaims Simonyan: “Thank you, Mother Russia!”

She predicts that the rest of the world will “get over spitting fury” and “tough times and more sanctions to come” against Russia.

“And what does Russia do with traitors? The answer is obvious.”

The day before, Simonyan appeared on the TVC program of the state TV channel Right to know and repeat that she has always been a strong supporter of Russia “bringing Donbas home”. The The editor-in-chief admits that such a solution can only be achieved by military means. In true Orwellian style, Russian state media has preprocessing public for the prospect of war with Ukraine, but tried to put reprimand monopoly over the US and NATO.

On Sundays Vesti Nedeli, host Dmitry Kiselyov stated that the United States and NATO want war with Russia. The presenter praised Russia’s nuclear capabilities, which he thank Joseph Stalin, Lavrentiy Beria, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, among others. The attempt to whitewash past villains corresponds to Putin’s apparent desire to go back in time. In his address to the nation, he rejected the idea of ​​former Soviet republics being allowed to “simply leave” the oppressive alliance. Kiselyov argues that Russia is “forced to make the world happy by providing a new global system of equal security… Thanks again for Russian weapons.”

On Soloviev’s program on Monday, the famous expert Karen Shakhnazarov asserted that Putin’s ultimatum to NATO was written with the sole purpose of exempting the Kremlin from responsibility to “solve” the Donbas issue in a way. peace. After Russia sent its proposal to NATO, elite leaders and military experts on Russia’s state TV channel publicly stated that it was only a formality to legitimize military actions. coming of Russia. In January, RT’s Simonyan tweeted that the Kremlin’s proposals to the “enemies of NATO” were never accepted.

Still boiling over German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s refusal to accept the Kremlin’s accusations of “genocide” perpetrated by the Ukrainian government in the Donbas, political scientist and Communication Professor Dmitry Evstafiev established argued that the “kind German chancellors” would shoot themselves if they joined his residence. “This is a judgment for Germany and its attempt at European leadership,” he added.

On Monday’s Soloviev show, RT’s Simonyan seemed particularly excited about a point in Putin’s speech in which he mentioned knowing the names of those Russia wants to “sanction”. Simonyan explains that the word “punish” means to treat such people “in an unlawful manner.” These dark statements correspond to intelligence alert on Russia’s “kill list” that will come into effect in the event of a military occupation of Ukraine. Appear on 60 minutes Last Friday, state television experts and experts guess that in the event of an escalation, many “heads will roll”, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Lawmaker Oleg Morozov said: “If war starts, I will not bet a dime on Zelensky’s life and safety.”

On another Soloviev show on Sunday, Margarita Simonyan made an ominous prediction. Describing Ukraine as “grateful” for all the “gifts” and benefits it allegedly received from the Soviet Union and Russia, RT editor-in-chief speak: “They have become our traitors. They are trying to join NATO, our enemy. ” She concluded: “And what does Russia do with traitors? The answer is obvious. “ Margarita Simonyan asked ‘Where’s Champagne?’ on Russian State TV with scenes of Ukrainian Children preparing for war

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