Map Location Ancient Dungeon in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

The Dungeon map reveals the layout of the dungeons in the Zelda game, as well as the treasure. This is where to find the one for Skyward Sword’s Ancient Cistern.

With the re-release of Skyward Sword on Switch, a new generation of Zelda fans, or those who missed the original Wii version, can experience Ancient Cistern for the first time. While many of the water-themed dungeons in the series are notoriously difficult or unpleasant, Skyward Sword’s Getting themes is not only refreshing, but a great experience to boot. Find in Faron Woods on the surface, Ancient Cistern’s design is based on Buddhist imagery and stories, making it stand out among other temples in the franchise.

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Like the other dungeons in the series, Ancient Cistern has a map hidden in a chest. The dungeon map is one of the integral parts of a traditional Zelda dungeon, along with new items that each person recommends. When Link entered the dungeon for the first time, the only rooms he could see on the map were the ones he was in. However, when collecting a dungeon map, it will reveal each room and floor in that particular dungeon. Furthermore, it will also mark unopened treasure chests, boss rooms, and other points of interest that are useful for navigation. This is how players can get to the chest containing the Ancient Cistern dungeon map.

Find the Ancient Cistern Dungeon Map in Skyward Sword HD

When the player enters the Ancient Cistern, they are greeted with a giant Buddha-like statue in the center of a circular room. This giant statue acts as the center of the room and you need to step into it to not only progress the dungeon but also get its map. However, it is locked at first, so the player will need to find the key to continue. Go to the right side of the central room near slimes, called Chuchus in Zelda and entered the open door there. Go through the following two rooms, with Skulltulas and some simple lily puzzles, to the chest containing the small key.

With the key in Link’s pocket, once again go to the central room to open the door. While it may seem like a relatively empty room, there is a hole that the player can jump into. Doing so will prompt a small boss fight with a 4-handed Stalmaster who wields 4 weapons at once in battle! Once defeated, a door will open leading to the dungeon’s item: whip! With this in hand, the player can proceed straight to the map.

Return to the central room and go straight in the direction of the first room where Chuchus patrolled. Climb the steps next to the stairs and use the newly obtained whip to swing over the grappling points. On the other side, there is a chest behind some grass. Open it to get the dungeon map and continue on through Ancient Cistern!

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD available for Nintendo Switch.

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