Map changes in Chapter 3 Season 4

A new season of Fourteen days means new changes to the map of the previous season. With the latest season of Fourteen days Chapter 3 Season 4, which debuts a new storyline for the looper and the characters that inhabit the island, introduced some changes to Chapter 3’s legendary map. These changes are both big and small, changing some iconic points of interest (POI).

It’s not surprising to see the map with some differences and new additions thanks to the inclusion of a new one Fourteen days Season. However, these recent changes could mean doom and gloom considering that Fourteen days The Chapter 3 map is invaded by an invasive Chromium material. These changes are just the beginning, like every season of Fourteen days changes the map with each update.


8th Original Loot Lake return

There are many named POIs in Fourteen days, but one of the most iconic locations from Chapter 1, Loot Lake, remains unnamed in Chapter 3. This vast lake has a central island and is ripe for plenty of cross-map battles of sniper fire and boat warfare. Many fans of the original Fourteen days map will be excited to see the return of the iconic Loot Lake home.

There’s a lot of history behind this location, and to see Loot Lake return in its prime for Chapter 3 Season 4 is a welcome surprise. Hopefully, with such a big map with so many locations, Loot Lake won’t draw too much attention.

7 Sanctuary of the Herald

The location of Sanctuary, the home base of The Seven, is long gone. After the arrival of the mysterious Chrome Slime, Sanctuary was taken over by Herald’s Sanctum. From the release of Fourteen days Chapter 3 Season 4, not much is known about the Herald, but it’s far from good news considering the map is slowly changing on Chrome.

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Herald’s Sanctum is quite dangerous as the Herald lurks there as an enemy NPC and a powerful boss character. There’s also plenty of spectacular chrome textures, as well as a rather ominous chrome whirlwind for players to suck up.

6 Cloudy Condos

A lot of Fourteen daysThe Chapter 3 map is occupied by sand. The desert area is quite unique Fourteen days, and a fan favorite for its variety of different locations and open areas to traverse. A location from Chapter 3 was called Condo Canyon, which has since been renamed Cloudy Condos.

Some buildings in Cloudy Condos remain the same, except that they’ve now been raised slightly to the sky. This is an innovative way to escape the chrome as the buildings don’t touch land and therefore cannot be infected. It also gives some height advantages over other players on the pitch.

5 Shimmering Shrine

When the Lucasfilm character of Indiana Jones was introduced to the Fourteen days Island in Chapter 3 Season 3, he came with his own central POI. Shuffled Shrines was a great location to solve a riddle for rare loot and gold. With a new season comes changes as Shuffled Shrines is now Shimmering Shrine.

The area stays mostly the same, apart from the risk of chrome spreading. The source is in the Herald’s Sanctum, and within the first week the chrome has changed location to the Shimmering Shrine, complete with chrome trees.

4 Shining Lagoon

Since Chapter 3 Season 1, Spider-Man swooped onto the island using the Daily Bugle POI. This location was brilliant for many on all sides as there were benefits within Daily Bugle and benefits outside of it. This comes from the tall building inside and the large coverage of a rocky mountain surface outside.

When Chapter 3 Season 3 ended, the Daily Bugle was changed to Lazy Lagoon. Now it is known as Lustrous Lagoon. Chrome has already invaded this location, and Blackheart’s ship, the Driftwood, blew up thanks to balloons, leading to some interesting battles from above and below.

3 rave cave

One of the newest locations Fourteen days was Rave Cave. This area was a celebration of The Seven and the Loopers’ loss to IO, the great evil of the Fourteen days lore. In Rave Cave, players could enjoy a good dance with NPCs and other friendly players, with an abundance of loot and loud music inside the cave.

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Although the location remains relatively unchanged, Rave Cave has now seen the arrival of the Flairship. Hovering over the north side of Rave Cave, this repurposed IO airship has loads of loot and can be accessed via zip lines and used for high ground.

2 Fort Jonesy

Fourteen days Lore is constantly expanding with each new season. A location called The Joneses was introduced for Chapter 3 Season 1 and provided a home of their own for Agent Jones and his snaps. It was a society for these characters and a haven where they could be safe.

As time progresses in the repeating loop of Fourteen days‘s Island, the Joneses have come a long way from humble cottages and tomato farms. Fort Jonesy shows the innovation they made as they built a better base of operations elevated with wooden pillars and catwalks for height advantages.

1 reality tree

Chapter 3, Season 3 of Fourteen days boasted a new area known collectively as Reality Falls. This area was part of the Vibin’ season, and many really saw it as “vibe”. It was a stunning area with a beautiful blue leafed tree. Players could hop around the tree and its area of ​​glowing blue mushrooms. However, Chapter 3 Season 4 leaves Reality Falls in the fall and has since been renamed Reality Tree.

This place still has plenty of bright blue mushrooms to hop around on, but it certainly lacks the flair and beauty of the previous season. The tree is as good as dead thanks to autumn, and the surrounding trees have turned red. It is now an arid area, lacking rich greens and blues.

Fourteen days is free to play on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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