‘Many’ of Spy Agency employees think January 6 Capitol riots are ‘reasonable,’ NSA veteran says

By Jeff Stein

A veteran contractor for the US National Security Agency says an internal US intelligence messaging system has become the “fireplace” of hate speech in the Trump administration. And it’s “ongoing,” said another Defense Department contractor SpyTalk.

Dan Gilmore, the person in charge of overseeing the internal chat rooms for Intelink system for more than a decade starting in 2011, said that by the end of 2020, the system had exploded with violent hate comments, especially on “eChirp”, the community clone Twitter intelligence.

“I was the administrator of this app and after a few years it became a bonfire,” said Gilmore, a 30-year veteran of Navy and NSA cryptosystems, Written Thursday in an unusual public post on its own website. “Professionalism was thrown out the window, and flame wars became the norm.”

The NSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gilmore, whose identity and credentials were confirmed by another Pentagon contractor. “I am not a hyperbole. Racist, homophobic, homophobic, anti-Muslim [sic]and illogical speech has been posted in many of our apps. “

Even more startling, Gilmore alleges, “many employees at the CIA, DIA, NSA, and other microchip agencies have publicly stated that the January 6 terrorist attack on their Capitol building I am righteous.”

Gilmore said that “more than a few government employees at various microchip agencies” were “worried about the content Intelink allows to store”.

IC stands for Intelligence Community, which is comprised of 18 organizations, including two independent agencies, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or ODNI, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

“Repeatedly,” he wrote, “I have been contacted via instant messages, emails and phone calls, asking what I was doing to quell the hate speech.” He would reply that the policies for chat rooms were set by senior ODNI officials “beyond my salary,” not him.

However, last summer, he was unwittingly entangled in the case of an ODNI contractor who had been the target of continued hate speech because his race and gender identity had led to him being banned. fired, he recounted. His crime was sharing information outside of Intelink, his boss told him. Gilmore explained that the complainant copied his email to a top IC official without his consent — to no avail.

But he admits, he has tried to curb the behavior of the worst hate speech offenders.

“I wanted to tell people there was a cancer in government and when I tried to get rid of it, I was fired,” Gilmore wrote. “It’s just easier for government management to get rid of me than it is to solve the underlying problem.”

Another NSA contractor told SpyTalk that hate speech began in 2016 after Trump’s election and is “ongoing.” Trump followers in the agency escaped professional deficiencies, some of them serious, while others were fired for minor infractions, the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The source said: “We literally let people get burned because of the time tag difference whereas MAGA backing types can have multiple DUIs, foreign contacts and (in one case) vehicle killing”. “They continued to work while the others were let go.”

Extremist groups have infiltrated US military and police units, Experts To speak. Intelligence sources have said SpyTalk Over the past several months, pro-Trump fervor has focused on special operations and hostage rescue units.

Gilmore said that now being fired and losing security clearance turned out to be a lucky draw. Since then, he has turned his hobby of woodworking into a business.

“I was done with the Department of Defense, clearance, and everything that went with that,” he wrote. “I have spent 30 years serving my country and I have a unique opportunity to do what I want to do now: follow my dreams.”

“Hey @GenMHayden,” Gilmore tweeted, speaking before the former director of the NSA and CIA. “Read why I was fired from the NSA. I’m not cramming all Agents or ICs, but you should know what’s going on after you leave. “

https://www.thedailybeast.com/many-spy-agency-staffers-think-jan-6-capitol-riot-was-justified-ex-nsa-veteran-says?source=articles&via=rss ‘Many’ of Spy Agency employees think January 6 Capitol riots are ‘reasonable,’ NSA veteran says

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