Mandalorian concept art teased Mando vs Luke Skywalker showdown

The new concept art could allude to the duel between Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker and Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin during The Mandalorian season 2 finale.

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It’s always fascinating to think about what could have happened, especially when it comes to a franchise as huge as Star Wars, especially with programs like Mandalorian. Interesting episodes like Luke’s original surname “Starkiller” and slightly less interesting episodes like how Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo dead for decades have popped up in a lot of conversations regarding the series. stories for many years. Now, a new art book offers a few more glimpses at some alternate realities in a galaxy far, far away.


Phil Szostak, who works for Lucasfilm as a senior asset and content specialist, has put together a new book that sums up many of the ideas surrounding season 2 of Mandalorian. Have a suitable title The Art of the Mandalorian (Part 2), it will give readers a new perspective on some of the show’s biggest moments. From Ahsoka Tano’s (Rosario Dawson) live-action debut to a still-geeky cameo from a especially Luke Skywalker voiced the robot, injection season is enough Star Wars The excitement in the fandom lasts a lifetime or at least a mild weekend at Comic-Con. But there’s a piece of concept art teasing an interesting possibility left on the cutting room floor.

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Among all the other incredible works throughout Szostak’s book, a page reveals a terrifying shot of the now-familiar jetty seen during the season 2 finale of the climbing series. Mandalorian. Created by artists Brian Matyas and Ryan Church, the image depicts Din Djarin (Typical Mandalorian) holding the legendary Darksaber overhead as the foreground reveals a gloved hand holding a vague lamp sword. This seems to imply that Luke and Din may have been competing for a duel at one point in the planning stages. But things are not always as they seem.


It’s also worth noting that Luke Skywalker’s cameo was so well kept that even the majority of the cast and crew knew nothing until it happened. “As you can see in the book, no artwork that really depicts Luke was actually created,” Szostak said when speaking with Star Wars Book news blog. “And to be honest, some of the artists were completely in the dark until the episode aired. There’s really only a small group of us who know it all. There’s no mention of Luke in the script. All It’s all just Plo Koon.”

This refers to wrong among Mandalorian crew where they are led to believe that the real big guest will be Jedi Master Plo Koon (although he was last seen in the midst of a fiery explosion in Revenge of the Sith). Maybe that’s also why the artwork depicting Luke is so nonspecific. Even the artists probably don’t know who the character is, only that a Jedi will appear in the climax of that final episode. But the art also implies that “Mando” (as some characters call Din) may have initially reacted defensively to the Jedi’s arrival. Was there a real duel? Or would it simply not go beyond a threatening stance?

It is difficult to say whether such things will happen or not. But either way, it’s already a season finale. Anyone who wants to see more check out the concept art behind Mandalorian season 2 can check The Art of the Mandalorian (Part 2) when it releases on February 15, 2022.

Mandalorian Season 1-2 is available now on Disney Plus.

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The source: Star Wars Blog

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