Male pornstars rush to get vasectomies after Supreme Court ‘Roe’ decline overturned

The abolition of the radical Supreme Court Roe v. calf allowed numerous conservative states to ban abortion and deprive women of their freedom. Right-wingers are already discussing plans to ban abortion in more states – and male porn stars are not taking any chances.

Across porn valley, male adult performers are considering vasectomies to ensure they don’t get co-stars pregnant on porn sets when anti-abortion legislation reaches California. When you work as a porn star, you have bareback sex with numerous co-workers, putting you at risk of impregnating a scene partner. Adult performers work hard to avoid this scenario – many women take birth control or skip scenes that end with internal cum shots, but if you’ve ever had sex you know accidents happen. Birth control occasionally fails. I’ve never heard of a male actor getting his female co-star pregnant on set. However, we all know that these female performers could have abortions in emergencies. Now there is a risk to all of our worst case scenario plans. Some porn men don’t want to take the risk of a pregnant co-worker, so they flick their baby makers to make sure that’s no longer possible.

“I’ve never thought of abortion as birth control, but rather as something to use as a last resort when something goes horribly wrong — an emergency situation involving a burglary,” says pornstar Matt Slayer. “The Supreme Court, which stripped me of my right to vote, caused me to thoroughly examine my role in every possible situation. I realized I should just take my baby dough out of the mix.”

Slayer is not dramatic. Anti-abortion activists are already voicing plans to target blue states like California. That Los Angeles Times reports that Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, aims to ban abortion in the Golden State. Dannenfelser knows how to do it. The Catholic fanatic famously ignored President Donald Trump’s infidelities and supported him, encouraging him to nominate anti-abortionists for the Supreme Court. Dannenfelser is working hard to strip women of their rights in all 50 states, and she has her eyes on every inch of the United States. “It’s the death of a human being,” she said Washington Post. “I will do everything I can.”

“The Supreme Court, which stripped me of the right to vote, caused me to thoroughly examine my role in every possible situation. I realized that I should just take my baby batter out of the mix.”

Male porn actors care about their female counterparts, and they do more to help women than Dannenfelser ever did. Adult star Xander Corvus says he chose to have a vasectomy because it can help women avoid pregnancy during these scary times.

“I thought the most direct form of solidarity that a cis man could give in this situation is to get circumcised, so I will,” says Corvus. After all, it’s not the case that Dannenfelser and Co. support every unwanted baby after birth? Slayer agrees, “Why traumatize a partner when they have to make that tough decision when I can be in and out of a doctor’s office in less time than it takes to record a podcast?”

Men, of course, have their own interest in having a vasectomy. For decades, abortion was the last measure that could keep a guy from paying 18 years of child support. Male performers are given financial incentives to avoid women becoming pregnant.

“The net savings from not having to buy condoms should see this small operation turn a profit by the end of fiscal 2023,” admits Slayer.

For him, however, the monetary addition of a vasectomy is just a bonus. The reason so many porn stars — cis, trans, gay, straight, male, female, non-binary — are concerned about anti-abortion activists is that they limit our sexual freedom. When politicians ban abortion, they limit people’s ability to have sex and they legislate what the outcome of sex should be. As Slayer says, “I believe freedom is the right to unprotected sex in red or blue states.”

It’s time our politicians spent less time listening to the likes of Dannenfelser and more time talking to freedom-loving American pornstars like Matt Slayer. Male pornstars rush to get vasectomies after Supreme Court ‘Roe’ decline overturned


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