Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase on Hulu and Peacock, a Totally Watchable Seasonal Distraction For the Kids

Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase – ready to fill your eyes with childish banter through both Hulu and Peacock – is the almost cult season-friendly almost half-hour special of the model-age series spear Madagascar: A Little Wild, expanded Madagascar series into a full-fledged franchise, as the non-audio-visual part of a larger visual sound collection, and thus already familiar to the pop-culture fodder consumer , which is obviously completely worthless. Either way, let’s see if this makes six-year-olds chuckle.


Gist: Quick premise summary: Adult animals from Madagascar here presented as grade-school-age infant animals, complete with much less expensive voice actors. Best friends are the giraffe Melman (Luke Lowe), the hippo Gloria (Shaylin Becton), the lion Alex (Tucker Chandler) and the zebra Marty (Amir O’Neil) living in the same habitat at the Zoo. New York’s Central Park, contrary to the usual laws of nature of predators and prey. These characters probably have one or two distinct traits among them, but we don’t need to go into too much detail here, do we? They are baby animals, theoretically they are cute, they do things that are very cute on the surface, go on.

It’s the holidays, and Melman is feeling what we all feel this time of year: numbing anxiety. He was intently charting their naughty and good deeds, and he was worried that there was too much of the former and not enough of the latter, and thus could lead to, I don’t know. Will they be in solitary confinement? I’m not sure. Either way, Melman points out some good deeds involving the zoo train and some chimpanzees in speeding cars, but they backfire. Maybe they need to get out of the zoo and find a little old lady to help cross the street or whatever, so they reach out to the outside world by treating the sewers of New York City like the the waterslides at Mount Splashmore, it’s disgusting – they even zoomed in through some filthy rotting rats – I could just click my belly and type the description of the scene.

Either way, they emerge from the wastewater amazingly clean, although this isn’t in Smell-O-Vision, I can’t vouch for their aroma. This is when the show becomes an exercise in the literalism of the title, as they meet a Canadian goose named Hank (Mark Whitten) who has been separated from his immigrant family and is unable to distinguish his side. north and south. north of Northwest. This might just be the good deed that will put the zoo team first and make the list well – but it’s easier said than done, because Hank the goose is a bit scattered and people get confused when different things are in the mix. the city squealed like a geese but not a geese. Will they help reunite Hank with his feathered birds, or will they learn a hard lesson about holiday failure? No vandals, kid.

What movies will remind you of?: Hope for Werner Herzog’s return to the franchise – after Madagascar penguins guest star – voice a nihilistic children’s documentary about the unexpected existence of baby penguins as they meaninglessly search for the true meaning of the holiday season. Instead, we get a special seasonal special pretty basic preschooler, a variety of accessories by Toy Story, Ice Age and Muppets/Mickey/Disney-lobbying franchise tools.

Performances worth watching: I will repeat: Chimpanzees in speedo! Makes you wonder if they’re the only anatomically correct animals in the zoo. Maybe I should stop wondering about that!

Memorable dialogue: Erm, perhaps just a carnival song that manages to lightly handle the English language enough to make “holiday” rhyme with “friends and family”.

Gender and Skin: Not available.

Our Take: As far as quirky holiday stories of giraffes obsessed with neurotic virtue, A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase ranked among the best. This gentle, almost captivating fun special about self-induced holiday stress – you know, for the kids! – render these few easily marketable animal characters like the rest of us, in the sense that we love and enjoy the holidays, but also want to outdo them because they suck moisture from our brains us and put knots in the trapezius muscle.

Perhaps it must be added that, this is a perfectly fine 24-minute distraction for young people while mom and dad surreptitiously spy on Stoli the nog. It boasts animated antics light enough to fool; I doubt anyone older than 10 would laugh at it; It will attract the attention of the target audience. Best of all, it’s exponentially less obnoxious than whatever their favorite YouTubers are clamoring for.

Our call: INSTRUCTIONS IT. Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase not quite a holiday classic, but it’s watchable – no one makes Thanksgiving toast and popcorn here, that’s for sure.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read more of his work at

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