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When it comes to health and wellness, I’m always looking for the right shortcut. Are from Infrared sauna blanket burn calories just by wearing bodycontouring clothes to hide the aftereffects of a super big dinner, i’m here for all the hacks that promise to work their magic without asking me to having to work harder. With that being said, it’s no surprise that I know that lymphatic drainage leggings (they’re often referred to as compression massage leggings, by the way) as a fact, I knew I had to try this burgeoning activewearing “trend” as soon as possible.

Lymphatic drainage is nothing new in the holistic healthcare arena, but when it comes to (literally) functional clothes, it looks like lymphatic drainage compression leggings have officially entered the conversation. Our lymphatic system acts as a built-in detoxification center in our body, helping to remove toxins, excess fluid and reduce the accumulation of accumulated fat. The techniques and treatments used to initiate the draining process like massage and dry brushing have been proven to offer an impressive list of health and beauty benefits, ranging from enhancing immunity (the lymphatic system is actually part of the immune system), reduces unwanted water retention and bloating, improves energy levels, combats chronic inflammationand yes, even remove cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage leggings work to stimulate lymph, remove puddles of bacteria-filled fluid, and enhance circulation by compressing not only high intensity, but also thanks to integrated micro-massage technology of them. Basically, tight pants Designed with embedded, woven massage beads and/or strategically placed indentations that conform to your lymph nodes to put pressure on your legs, hips, and back. When you’re on the go, this quirky innovative design “masses” you and stimulates fluid release (you can also reap their benefits by sitting around. ).

The logic behind how this so-called lymphatic drain leggings works is more or less consistent with some trials and facts compression-based therapy including belly wraps used to speed recovery and remove excess fluid after birth or compression stockings worn to prevent blood clots during long flights or other prolonged periods of stagnation — they Upgraded only with the “wellness clothing” bonus feature.

As someone who sits at the computer all day almost every day and is in the habit of avoiding the gym at all costs (blame this pandemic!), the activewear trend is taken on by this lazy girl. is a dream come true. Scroll through below to see the best pairs to shop for.

BIOFLECT® Infrared Therapy for Leggings & Micro-Massage Knit

I’ve set these leggings a few days ago and have been wearing them continuously ever since (that’s between washes.) My legs tend to get sore and swollen from sitting in the front of the car all day plus I love salty foods, and I feel like those have kept me untouched so far. I went with this pair of leggings because there were over 500 five-star reviews, so I’m clearly not the only one reaping the benefits.

“It’s like getting a safe hug all day long. Makes my legs feel well supported and reduces foot fatigue and joint pain. I wear them all day, every day. I will be ordering more. “, one five star reviewer wrote.


CzSalus Flat Knit High Compression Pants

This ultra-high compression leggings Features a comfortable knit, enhanced wave construction for manual massage, and a footless design to help encourage blood flow from the feet upwards toward the heart.

“OMG! I would wear these even if I don’t need them. They make my feet feel invigorated and comfortable. You have to work a bit to get them but it’s so worth it! ” one five star amazon reviewer wrote.


Extremely solid legless graduation compression leg cleat

This therapeutic leggings Features a high compression level of 20-30 mmHg, a controlled upper for slimming effects and a graduated design (tighter at the ankle) for optimal circulation enhancement benefits.

“I had some circulation problems and had been wearing compression stockings for a while. But I always felt I could do better and decided to try compression stockings. After doing my research, I ordered these. this one and I’m so glad I did!” ‘m 5’7 and they are long enough to my ankles and even longer! They are very thick and good quality. Extremely comfortable!!! I wear them with ao dai on weekends and I can run around doing some household chores throughout the day. And the best part is that I noticed that my leg swelling has gone down,” said one person Amazon Shoppers.


Élastique Athletics L’Original Leggings

Also known as the “wearable massage,” I first discovered Élastique Athletics’ lymphatic-boosting leggings when Instagram served me an ad for the brand’s “wellness clothing.” strong”. These fitness leggings (you don’t have to work out to get results from them) are designed with graduated compression to strengthen the circulatory system and MicroPerle™ Beads Helps promote lymphatic flow.

“I’ve been religiously wearing these leggings since having my second child and can’t see myself stopping anytime soon! They’re so comfortable and beautiful. They make me feel great at body time. I’m still recovering from my pregnancy, and they’ve helped me get back in shape. I really love them and recommend them to all active women” one reviewer wrote.


Farmacell anti-cellulite high-waist pants

This Anti-cellulite leggings made in Italy extra high projection for belly control and designed with hypoallergenic fabric that massages the skin and triggers fluid release as you move in them.

“I use this for secondary lymphedema. I wear it at night to help with light compression to keep my lymphedema legs soft. This is a great alternative to the well-priced Solidea Wave socks. twice. I’d say the compression is very light, no more than 15 mmHg, the perfect pressure for sleeping. It’s also made in Italy like Solidea,” one reviewer wrote.


Ricari Studios Massage Compression Leggings

Designed by the healthcare professionals behind Ricari Studiosa wellness facility that specializes in regenerative treatments, focusing on manual and mechanical stimulation, such as lymphatic massage and integrated body sculpting; cool compression leggings This Italian faraway is designed to enhance lymphatic drainage and blood flow when you’re on the go.

The seamless seamless leggings Made from an exclusive medical grade honeycomb weave to help gently reduce swelling, fat accumulation and water retention.

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