Ludwig Challenges Disrespectful Doctor With $1 Million 1v1 Contest

As commented by Dr Dispect, streamer Ludwig took things to the next level, challenging Doc to a $1 million 1v1 gaming competition.

Ludwig Challenges Disrespectful Doctor With $1 Million 1v1 Contest

As his name suggests, YouTube streamer Dr Disosystem isn’t afraid to start some controversy. He often participates in entertaining jokes, for the streamers such as TimTheTatman a careful vein. Recently, Doc found a new target, Ludwig Ahgren, one of the most popular streamers in the industry.

Unsurprisingly, the entertainment clash between streamers began with Dr. Dispect teasing his opponent. Often when Ludwig enters a discussion, Doc will intentionally forget how to pronounce his Youtuber friend’s name. Also, he also brought up the topic Ludwig missed Streamer of the year title. While many fans of Dr Disosystem find these hilarious jokes amusing, it seems that Ludwig has grown tired of the comments from Doc.


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Recently, YouTube streaming star Ludwig decided to take its rivalry with Dr Disosystem to the next level. In a tweet, he challenged Doc to a 1-on-1 match. “Let’s see who’s the better gamer this week,” he wrote. On top of the already exciting challenge, Ludwig placed a high stake, suggesting that the loser pay $1 million.

Since making this post, Ludwig has corrected an important part of his message. Apparently, he had no intention of putting $1 million on the challenge, explaining that he exaggerated to make it seem more dramatic. According to the streamer, this exaggeration is done to copy Dr. Dispect’s tendency to make things bigger than it really is. Additionally, Ludwig said that he doubted the streamer star would even accept his challenge. “He won’t even answer. Everyone relax! ” he say. It’s unclear if he really had this intention or if this was a plot to get Doc into the action.

Another part of the debate challenge is which game should be played for 1v1. Both content creators have their strengths. Besides establishing himself as the world’s sportiest gamer, Dr Disosystem is also well-versed in first-person shooters. He often plays games like Call of Duty: Warzone on his streams. On the other hand, Ludwig has a history in fighting games, as he is a Super Smash Bros. player. It would be interesting if they chose one of these two genres or chose an unrelated title.

This assumes that the challenge between YouTube streamers were really successful. At the time of writing, Dr Dispect has yet to respond to the gaming challenge. However, with the current competition among streamers, it looks like Doc will respond. The real question will be whether he accepts the challenge or declares that Ludwig is unworthy to compete with his gaming greatness. Looks like only time will tell.

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