LOTR: Basic Information about Pippin

There is no doubt that the Hobbits play one of the largest roles in the Lord of the Rings, often risking their lives for Middle-earth. However, without any actual combat abilities or carrying a ring, Pippin’s importance to the story takes a different form. It’s hard to consider Pippin without Merry because, together, their mischief contrasts with the seriousness of the rest of the group. They lighten tense moments and remind everyone at the party to smile, or at least roll their eyes.

That doesn’t mean the two young hobbits don’t have Distinct personality and personality traits, in spite of. Pippin is younger than her cousin, Merry, and tends to be more immature and, therefore, to make more mistakes. Merry is the leader of the two, and Pippin, the curious stalker.


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Together, Pippin and Merry, both of whom have spent time in one of humanity’s opposing lands, serve as tools in the story to shed light on the types of rulers of each Kingdom. Merry spent time in Rohan and reflected Theoden’s good leadership, resulting in the Hobbits’ loyalty and strong ties to the Rohan kingdom. On the other hand, Pippin got stuck with Denethor in Gondor and was forced to endure the hardships of his reign as a bad ruler. For much of the story, the two Hobbits seem to mirror each other’s situation, in this case, their lives couldn’t be more different.

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Although Merry is usually the leader in their adventures, Pippin goes through more of the journey in the story. From the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring, to the end Return of the king, Pippin is much more evolved than Merry, simply because he already has a lot grow up more to do. This is his biggest involvement with the story because he illustrates that even people who are considered squirrels are capable of great things.

Pippin will aspire to greatness of his own, separate from Merry, despite his humble Hobbit background. His full name is Peregrin Took and he is the son of Paladin Took II and Eglantine Banks. He also has three sisters, which explains his close relationship with his cousin. He was certainly not raised to fight Orcs or Trolls.

While not looking at the department, Pippin will achieve things that no other Hobbit has ever done. When Pippin leave the Shire to continue the journey, he is the shortest of the hobbits, but it is said that after he and Merry drank the manuscript of Treebeard, they became one of the tallest hobbits ever recorded. Pippin even later became the 32nd Thain of the Shire and held this position for 50 years.

Pippin represents how innocence is affected by difficult times. He must learn faster and mature faster than is usually required of him in the Shire. For the first part of the story, he tends to need to learn everything the hard way, by making mistakes and then suffering the consequences. At the beginning of the journey, his thinking is very childish but towards the end, he seems to have matured and become much more observant.

Lot of camaraderie among the members of the ring has been cut

For much of the story, Pippin expresses a feeling of being the underdog. Gandalf often scolds him and he and Merry are almost always excluded from catastrophic situations and battles. This is the big factor that drives him to step up, make up for his mistakes and do something that contributes to the mission of the ring.

Pippin is supposed to be responsible for him and Merry even get to the end of the story. In the moment the Hobbits were captured by the Orcs, it was Pippin who thought of dropping the brooch Galadriel had given him, so Aragorn could find them. If he hadn’t done this, chances are they wouldn’t have survived.

Pippin also accidentally helps Frodo in his journey with Sam and Gollum. When Pippin looked at Saruman’s palantir, Sauron saw the Hobbit and mistook him for the ring bearer. Although this means Gandalf must carry him to a hideout to keep him safe, which also means Sauron will be looking for him instead.

Gandalf then rode with Pippin to Gondor, hoping to hide the Hobbits there. This was a pivotal moment for Pippin as that was when he began actively trying to clean up his own mess. When he learned that Denethor’s son, Boromir, had died trying to protect him and Merry, he offered to serve Denethor in his kingdom. As a result, this decision also allowed him to save Faramir’s life later.

Through all he had to endure, Pippin was never broken in spirit, but has been reinforced through his experience. Pippin would go on to join the Western Army, under Aragorn’s leadership. In battle, he will even kill a troll and be rescued by Gimli, all at the same time.

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After the ring is destroyed, Merry and Pippin will return to the Shire for a long time. At that point, they will become more popular in the Shire than Bilbo for the roles they played in countering Saruman’s power in the Quest for the Shire.

At the end of his battle, Pippin settle down and get married Diamond of Long Cleeve and they had a son whom Pippin named Faramir, in honor of the son of Gondor he had saved. Faramir Took later married Goldilocks, daughter of Samwise. Pippin would then make one last journey with Merry to revisit Rohan and Gondor, where he would remain for the rest of his life. When he died, he was buried with Merry and Aragorn in Gondor. In the end, he fully evolved into his greatness.

There is simply no denying that the message of Lord of the Rings The story won’t be the same if it doesn’t track the hobbits. In particular, without Pippin, the story would have lost a substantial element of the innocence, maturity, and lighthearted moments that pervade the story. His character takes the skepticism he receives from others and turns it into respect and, as a result, truly represents the competence of an underdog.

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