LOTR: Basic Information about Eowyn

Eowyn, a maid of Rohan, is said to be one of the most popular characters in Lord of the Rings Not for who she is, but for a line near the end of her appearance. Nearly every fan of the series, even the more casual, knows her “I am no man” line. In addition to this quoted line in Lord of the RingsHowever, Eowyn actually has a long past that led to his encounter with the Sorcerer King of Angmar.

Eowyn was born the second child of Eomund and Theodwyn. She and her brother are related King of Rohan, Theoden, through their mother. Theodwyn was the king’s sister. After her father was killed and her mother died prematurely of illness at the age of three, the siblings had nowhere to shoot. Not wanting to leave his niece and nephew alone, King Theoden took Eomer and Eowyn back and raised them as his own children.


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Theoden under Saruman's spell, after it was broken in The Lord of the Rings

In adulthood, Eowyn cared for her ailing uncle for several years. His health has deteriorated due to Saruman’s influence and Grima Wormtongue. However, Eowyn was saved when Gandalf appeared and restored the former King Theoden’s health, under the agreement that Rohan would join the war against the Dark Lord. Theoden, now feeling a strength he hadn’t had in years, chose to rejoin the battle on the front lines. In his absence, the showman Eowyn led the people, who did so reluctantly.

Eowyn led everyone to shelter in the White Mountains while Aragorn and the Riders of Rohan fought Saruman at the Battle of Hornburg. Aragorn eventually passed through Dunharrow so he could follow the Path of the Dead. Eowyn, who had developed feelings for Aragorn, confessed to the soon-to-be king. Betrothed to Arwen, Aragorn reluctantly refuses her.

With the final battle on the horizon, Gondor’s attendant, Denethor II, calling for help from Theoden’s men to fight Mordor. Eowyn wanted to join the battle with her surrogate father after being previously rejected, however, he turned her down. Enraged by this rejection, Eowyn disguises herself as a man and joins the journey to Minas Tirith. Found a kindred spirit in Merry, who also wanted to follow her friends into battle. She took the Hobbits with her on her horse Windfola, and the two rode with Theoden’s army.

Shortly after the battle raged, Eowyn found himself part of King Theoden’s escort. The Witch-King of Angmar quickly noticed the presence of the army and attacked Theoden. Nazgul of the Sorcerer King kill Theoden’s horse and aim to kill the king as well. Eowyn, under the guise of Dernhelm, stood between the two to protect Theoden. The Witch-King, led by Glorfindel’s prophecy that no one will attack him, attacks and breaks Eowyn’s shield after she kills his Nazgul. The film and book slightly rearrange the sequence of events, however, at one fateful moment, Eowyn stripped of her powers and declared that she was not a man. Merry stabs the Witch-King from behind, weakening him, and Eowyn pierces the killer’s head.

faramir hugs eowyn

After slaying the Sorcerer King and establishing himself in history, Eowyn quickly began to deal with his wounds. The dying Theoden, lying nearby, used his dying words to declare that Eowyn loved him more than a daughter. Her brother Eomer saw her lying on the battlefield, seems dead, and very angry. He rushes into battle to avenge her, when another discovers her still alive. Eowyn was sent to the Healing House where she was healed by Aragorn using the plant Athelas.

Eowyn still in Minas Tirith when the rest of the army marched to the Black Gate. While recovering, Eowyn met Faramir and quickly fell in love as the two recovered from their battle wounds. After the end of War of the Ring, Eowyn settled down and married Faramir, choosing a peaceful life outside of battle. Eowyn then insisted that Merry be made a Knight of the Riddermark. While attending Theoden’s funeral and Eomer’s coronation, Eowyn gave Merry the Horn of Rohan. In the years that followed, Faramir and Eowyn would have at least one son and later grandson, who wrote The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen.

After this point, her death is not recorded anywhere. It is easy to assume that Eowyn lived a long and happy life with her husband Faramir. Even though she once embraced the dream glory of battle, witnessing the carnage with her own eyes quickly fixed this in her mind. Her peaceful life after the battle search may seem absurd, but seeing how things turn out for the other glory seekers, this may be the best ending she can have. see.

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