Lost Treasures of Ancient Rome: release date and trailer

A new historical documentary series delves deep into Rome’s ancient past, exploring iconic events and locations throughout the Roman Empire

Lost Treasures Rome is a six-part documentary series that follows a team of archaeologists and historians at excavation sites across the ancient Roman world.

As they unearth priceless artifacts and explore ancient sites, teams will shed more light on how the Roman Empire worked and what life was like for Romans of all stripes.

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The Channel 4 series brings the long-lost Roman world to life, exploring everything from naval battles to one of history’s most infamous natural disasters.

dr Eve MacDonald in front of the Roman Forum in Rome

What is The Lost Treasures of Ancient Rome about?

The series draws on the expertise of the experts who appear in each episode and walk us through the evidence they literally dig up.

Episode one takes place in Pompeii, where archaeologists hope to find out more about those who lived and died in the historic city.

Pompeii had an estimated population of 12,000 in AD 79, the year it was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The stream of flaming ash released by the blast preserved many of the bodies of those who died, making Pompeii a popular site for archaeological research.

Archeology student Dario Lo Surdo and archaeologist Mario Grimaldi examine an ox skull found under a road in Pompeii

Among the archaeologists’ finds are a sacrificial skull and the mummified body of a person who may have been a freed slave.

The team also explored the tunnels under the city’s central bathhouse.

In the second episode, archaeologists find traces of a historic naval battle off the coast of Sicily and recover a long-lost battleship from the depths.

Experts featured in the series include Professor Monika Trümper, Professor Antonella Coralini and archaeologist Mario Grimaldi, who appear in the Pompeii episode, as well as Dr. Boris Dreyer and Dr. Eve MacDonald appearing in the second episode.

When did the Roman Empire exist?

In Roman mythology, Rome is said to have been founded in 753 BC. It may have been founded when two brothers, Romulus and Remus, built the city together.

According to legend, Romulus killed his brother after a quarrel and named the city after him.

The Roman Republic existed from 509 BC. to 27 BC and was one of the earliest examples of democratic government in world history. It wasn’t entirely democratic, of course—the Romans, for one, kept slaves.

The Roman Empire was founded in 27 BC. Founded when Augustus Caesar declared himself Emperor of Rome.

Prof. Dr. Boris Dreyer on board a replica Roman ship

The Roman Empire as we imagine it lasted only 500 years and is documented to have fallen in AD 476, although its power had been weak for decades by then.

However, the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire, continued to fight until 1453 and collapsed with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans.

Lost Treasures of Ancient Rome mainly focuses on the 500-year period of the traditional Roman Empire.

When is Lost Treasures of Ancient Rome on TV?

The series premieres on June 25th at 8pm on Channel 4 and the second episode airs on July 2nd at 7pm.

Episodes can be viewed on All 4 shortly after they first air.

Is there a trailer

Yes, there is, and you can watch it right here:

https://www.nationalworld.com/culture/television/lost-treasures-of-ancient-rome-channel-4-release-date-trailer-historical-events-featured-3745595 Lost Treasures of Ancient Rome: release date and trailer


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