Lost in Random Rating – Roll the dice, spin the wheel

First get something out of the way. Correct, Lost in random published by EA, but it has nothing to do with Alice: Madness is back. It looks like it, for sure. And it has a similar atmosphere. But that’s a completely separate thing. With that said, I’ve had a fair amount of time with the game, but it runs out of new permutations pretty soon, has a somewhat unimpressive story, and brazenly reuses NPC models that I still confused. But it’s a good title that manages to justify its price tag. It could be better, but, hey: Random rule!

Lost in random there is a perfunctory setup. A girl is kidnapped by a villain, so she must be rescued. Specifically, Even and Odd are two young sisters living in the town of Onecroft in the land of Random. On each child’s 12th birthday, the Queen’s nanny appears and rolls a black dice. The number the child rolls determines the town they live in for the rest of their lives. Odd turns 12, arrives and ends up in Sixtopia with the Queen, who has questionable plans for her. The game follows Even as she blindly wanders for a while looking for Odd.

The story lacks focus and doesn’t pay enough attention to its characters. I don’t care much about whatever’s going on, even if the dialogue is funny and well-written. The voice acting of the entire cast is equally great. Hearing these talented actors deliver their lines is the best part of the game. But the story goes around forever without a realistic direction. Even keep ending up in each town until she reaches Sixtopia because, reason. Oddly enough, even herself is almost never voiced beyond cutscenes while everyone else is. This is a waste, because I don’t have a good feeling about her as a character and it would be nice to hear her voice actor perform her lines here, as she has well done.

It’s also jarring to see the same NPC models over and over. They are so unique that it seems like they need are individuals, but you’ll find them repeating over and over with different names and voices. No lip sync other than cutscenes, it looks really bad when the enemy just claps his mouth while the voice comes out. Lost in random It’s also a bit slanted Too difficult in Nightmare before Christmas‘bag of tricks, with some passages (especially Two-town, where people have two personalities) going too directly. Yes, there is a mayor with two personalities. Yes, one of them looks a lot like Oogie-Boogie.

Loss in random evaluation 2

Feet on the ground

I just watched a trailer before playing Lost in random, so I went in almost completely blind. I was quite disappointed to see that there was no jump button when I started. As a result, the game doesn’t have as much of it as I expected, and some of the platforms blend in well with the rest of the game. Plus, it helps with discovery. The structure of the game, as stated before, takes Even to each of the six towns of Random. Once there, she follows the main quest, along with some side quests. There’s exploration and the world looks great, even if it feels a bit cramped at some points. However, in an art-wise direction, the game’s color palette focuses too much on blues and reds. game do However, the overall look is impressive and it runs like an absolute dream.

Side quest rewards Even with new cards and currency she can use to buy cards. Aaaa and that’s it. When Even isn’t exploring or engaging in semi-silent conversations, she’s fighting. The fighting is pretty good in Lost in random, even if the game is too easy most of the time. This is an action game, but it uses a deck of cards to decide your choices. You can have 15 cards in your deck at once, and by default Even can do nothing but shoot everything with his slingshot. The robots she fights form crystals on their bodies. When she shoots these, they will drop blue blocks that give her energy.

When she has enough energy, she will draw a card from her deck. Once a certain number of cards have been drawn, you cannot draw any more cards until you have used up all of that energy. This is where you roll Dicey, Even’s partner. As you’ve guessed by now, Dicey is a live dice. It can only roll one or two at first, but it is upgraded as the story progresses, allowing for higher counts. Each card has a number on it and playing that card will require you to roll a high enough number.

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Every face

You’ll get new cards from quests, plus you can buy them from Mannie Dex, a strange man who lives in a cupboard. The problem is, during the course of the game, the new cards stop showing up. It makes things feel pretty much the same after a while. Complicating matters are the cards themselves. They have several types. For example, playing mace or bow will give Even an Ace or bow with a certain durability or hits. There are also Even healing cards, ones that let you drop bombs, set traps, give yourself extra cards to use, and more.

But many cards used to damage your enemies just can’t hold a candle against weapon cards. I loaded my deck with maces and easily decayed everything Lost in random throw at me. The battles are mostly hectic to “shoot crystals, increase energy, dodge, repeat” until you have a weapon card, use the weapon, repeat “until you win. There’s even dodging, which is priceless.Once again, the battle feels good, at least, with the mace and spear weapons being quite fun to use.

However, not all encounters are purely about fighting. Some are mini board games with their own rules, which is pretty awesome. The number you roll in these also indicates how much space your piece moves, but they are usually just to get your piece to the end. They’re still a fun twist, even if they’re oddly depleted at the end Lost in random. There are boss battles as well, but they’re also mostly too easy for their good. The last part of the game, even when fighting three boss battles in a row, all of them were so easy and simple that I felt a bit overwhelmed.

Lost in random rating 4

Then I get to the epilogue, it ends way too fast and is completely missing the ending, unless I missed something. It ends abruptly and uses one of my least favorite games to end the villain’s lackluster arc. Once you beat game, uh, that’s it. If you miss the side quest or want to fight something else, too bad, you will have to replay the game.

I like Lost in random overall, but I feel it could have been better. While dialogue and voices are top level and combat is pleasant, there’s something like it was, well, pass away. Maybe they’ll add some kind of combat challenge down the line. Some more challenging content would definitely be nice, to encourage a warm-up Lost in random Future. | Lost in Random Rating – Roll the dice, spin the wheel


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