Lori Lightfoot Protest Movement Demands Her Answer to Oath Racism Policy

Government watchdog group Jud Justice Watch has filed a petition forcing Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to answer questions regarding a pending civil rights lawsuit by a white male reporter. stemming from her racist policy to interview only “journalists of color”.

On November 23 move In order to obtain court authorization to remove Lightfoot, Judgment Watch said the mayor “breached his obligation under Rule 30(b)(6) to appoint a person or persons to testify on her behalf.” .”

The plea was made on behalf of plaintiffs Thomas Catenacci and the Daily Caller News Foundation, who filed civil rights lawsuit against Lightfoot in May.

In their federal lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege Lightfoot’s racist interview policy violated Catenacci’s 14th Amendment equal protection rights as well as First Amendment rights. both plaintiffs for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

In the latest move, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Judgment Watch said Lightfoot’s the designee was poorly prepared to testify on her behalf.


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“Specifically, Kathleen LeF Liturgy, Mayor Lightfoot’s designee, did not speak with Mayor Lightfoot’s attorneys and review previously filed documents in this case,” the filing said. . “She did not speak to the mayor. Nor did she speak to anyone else on the mayor’s staff. Nor did she review any prior records that were not known to the Court or Plaintiff.

“LeF Service was very ill prepared to testify as Mayor Lightfoot’s appointee, and as a result, Mayor Lightfoot failed to present a suitable witness and prepare for Rule 30 ( b) (6).”

Because the mayor refused to provide a qualified appointee to speak on her behalf, Judgment Watch said, the court should order Lightfoot’s own removal “on oral examination.”

In a separate moveJud Justice Watch also asked the court to force the mayor’s office to answer 19 questions LeF Serving refused to answer during her removal from office.

Do you think Lightfoot should be forced to answer questions about her policies?

“Because she has not and cannot demonstrate that her refusal to answer these questions is correct, Mayor Lightfoot’s designee should be required to answer them and appropriate follow-up questions. reason,” the filing said.

In one New information posted On Wednesday, Jud Justice Watch President Tom Fitton said Lightfoot had to testify because her policies were the driving force behind the discrimination case.

“The testimony in this lawsuit confirms Mayor Lightfoot is responsible for his racist interview policy and is therefore the necessary witness in this civil rights case,” Fitton said.

Neil Patel, president of the Daily Caller News Foundation, also urged the court to force the mayor to file a removal order.

“Based on court proceedings to date, it appears that Mayor Lightfoot is attempting to shirk responsibility for his racist interview policy. We hope the court doesn’t let this happen,” Patel said.


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Catenacci, reporter denied interview, says Lightfoot is responsible for her discriminatory behavior.

“It is time for Mayor Lightfoot to respond directly for declining my request for an interview. The mayor must be held accountable for her blatantly racist interview policy,” Catenacci said.

This controversy erupted in May when Lightfoot announced that she would only hold interviews for “black and brown journalists” to “celebrate” her second time in office.

The mayor can’t deny her actions because she bragged about them one day May 19 Remember board.

Jud Justice Watch filed a lawsuit against her on May 27 on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation and its reporters.

Catenacci, a white male, emailed Lightfoot’s office requesting an interview with the mayor. Her office ignored his initial request as well as his two subsequent emails, he said.

Mayor still not repent about her racist policy.

During the summer, Lightfoot spoke defiantly New York Times podcaster Kara Swisher that she has “no regrets” about discriminating against white reporters.

“I would absolutely do it again,” Lightfoot said in July. “I don’t regret it because it prompted a very important conversation, a conversation that needed to happen, that should have happened a long time ago.”

It’s only right that she should be forced to defend her racist policies in court.


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