Lore Behind Darkrai Explained

The Pokemon world is filled with notable Mythic Pokemon, including Darkrai, whose ability to control sleep and nightmares is formidable.

Darkrai stands on the gray stone path in Pokemon movie Rise of Darkrai

inside Pokemon world, there is not a monster that stands alone. There are remarkable features about every living thing in Pokemon world, and they all have some meaning in human life. The same goes for mythical Pokemon. While mythical Pokemon usually have nothing to do with the game’s plot and tend to require special events to obtain, if they are obtainable, they still have unique roles to play in the game. legend Pokemon. Darkrai is a perfect example of this overarching rule. It may not be the star of the core Pokemon game, but its various roles as a protagonist or antagonist in Pokemon anime adaptation and spin-off shows the importance of Darkrai.


Darkrai first debuted on Diamond Pokemon and Pearl is one of the Mythical Pokemon of the Sinnoh region, which can only be obtained by players visiting Newmoon Island with a Membership Card during a special event. While this means Darkrai is a fairly old Pokemon, with four generations passed since its launch, it’s still a fan favorite thanks to its striking design and intricate interactions with humanity. . Now fans know they can get a Darkrai in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, Pokemon Pitch-Black is back in the spotlight. Fans have good reason to ponder the various stories Darkrai inspires and its place in the universe. Pokemon world.

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Darkrai’s Lore in Pokemon

Pokemon Darkrai

The most important thing to know about Darkrai is its heavy association with sleep and nightmares. Darkrai has the ability to cause terrifying dreams to humans and other Pokemon. In fact, Diamond Pokemon and Pearl tease Darkrai’s presence through Son of the city sailor Canalave Eldritch, who becomes tormented with endless nightmares and mutters Darkrai’s name in his sleep. While Darkrai can cause nightmares when in command, it doesn’t always do so. In contrast, being a reclusive being, Darkrai sometimes unintentionally traps others in nightmares as a defense mechanism, with no ill intentions.

It’s worth noting that Darkrai isn’t the only Sinnoh Pokemon associated with sleep and dreams. It’s part of the lunar duo, and the other is Cresselia. In many ways, Darkrai and Cresselia are equal opposites. Cresselia is active during the crescent moon, while Darkrai is associated with the new moon. In contrast to Darkrai’s nightmare-inducing powers, Cresselia can cure Darkrai’s influence, and its feathers inspire positive dreams. The two Pokemon are sometimes depicted as rivals, especially in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and shadow explorers, where Darkrai plays the villain.

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Even though Darkrai appeared as a villain in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and a few other situations, it’s not necessarily evil. In fact, when it debuted in Pokemon movie Darkrai’s Rise, it’s actually a main character who has been of great help to Ash and his friends. It should also be noted that Darkrai seems to be quite intelligent, as it says in The Rise of Darkrai. Between these different descriptions and the Pokedex’s implication that Darkrai just wants to be left alone, it seems Pokemon Pitch-Black has a rather nuanced relationship with the rest of the series. Pokemon world.

The Return of Darkrai in the Hisui Region

Darkrai pokemon legend arceus shoot

Because Darkrai is a very popular Mythical Pokemon and has such a well-developed position in Pokemon world, it’s nice to know that it’s available in Pokemon Legend: Arceus. However, it’s a pity that the player has to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining pearls data on their Switch to get it.

Hopefully Game Freak will release a special event or DLC that gives players some other way to find Darkrai somewhere in the Hisui . region, presumably in the ancient version of Newmoon Island. However, whether Game Freak does it or not, Darkrai’s confirmed arrival certainly serves up a bit of nostalgia for fans of the original. Diamond and Pearl.

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