Looking back on 20 years of Luigi .’s mansion

November 18, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the beloved GameCube game in North America Luigi’s Mansion. With three games now covering the series, the official 2001 game was the one released on the same day as the GameCube console. Be the first super Mario Bros Released for the GameCube, it was a game that determined the sales and general reception of the new console.

Now, two decades later, Luigi is still battling ghosts in various forms. Amidst haunted mansions, abandoned mines, rotting factories, and haunted hotels, Luigi and the players fought together against all kinds of ghosts in… Luigi’s Mansion. The intrepid protagonist now has a long history of defeating vampires as a fan favorite. Mario Bros. Franchising.


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Luigi’s Mansion

Nintendo's Best Launch Games Ever - Luigi's Mansion Box

Original Luigi’s Mansion was released in conjunction with the GameCube as one of Nintendo’s only exclusive projects for the console. This is Luigi .’s second main character role after Mario has gone missing, shares the same premise: Mario is incapacitated (this time, kidnapped by King Boo) and Luigi must rescue his brother. Two characters, Professor E. Gadd and King Boo, debuted in Luigi’s Mansion and has remained a staple in the Mario universe ever since.

During the game, Mario and Luigi receive a notification announcing that they have won a free mansion, and as Mario continues to investigate the offer, he is kidnapped by the ghosts residing in the castle. Villa. Luigi, catching up, finds a dark and creepy mansion where he faces a stealthy attack from a group of ghosts, waiting to trap him along with his brother. However, Luigi is saved by Professor E. Gadd and the two escape to Gadd’s laboratory. There, Gadd explains the Poltergust 3000, the iconic ghost-sucking device, and how Luigi’s terrifying journey began when he started Defeat the spirits that reside in the mansion and rescue his brother.

In addition to being a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube, Luigi’s Mansion had a team of daring developers taking new strides in the Nintendo world. It has a noticeably dark tone for the family-friendly game company, and some critics have even called it a parody of the survival horror genre. The spooky game also had a unique control scheme: it combined mechanics reminiscent of a third-person shooter with an arcade-style camcorder, a new approach for the time. Additionally, the similar nature of the GameCube controller’s L and R buttons allows Luigi to use the Poltergust in a variety of ways, including lighter and stronger suction and an expulsion mechanism.

Luigi’s Mansion The commercial success was unremarkable, selling 3.6 million copies and eventually finishing at #5 on the best-selling GameCube title. It has also received overall acclaim from critics and fans alike, with praise overflowing for its graphics, gameplay, puzzles, and voice acting. The main complaints are that the game is too short, with some fans claiming to have completed it in six hours. The game is not only a fan favorite but also an award winner, receiving the 2002 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award for Best Sound. Luigi’s Mansion has also been re-released on the 3DS in 2018.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Best 3ds game

More than a decade after the original game, the sequel arrived on the 3DS in 2013. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon introduced a couple of things that will eventually appear in the third game: Polterpup’s character, an adorable ghost dog that occasionally steals important items from Luigi and Poltergust 5000, is essentially the same as Poltergust 3000. but has strobe lights that are now required to stun the ghosts.

The Beginning Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Luigi is sent by Professor E. Gadd to recover the shards of the Dark Moon, a magic crystal that King Boo shattered. Luigi ventures to the Evershade Valley, where he and his professor soon discover that Mario has been turned into a painting and is being held captive in one of six haunted buildings in the valley. Exactly Luigi’s Mansion In form, our hero battles terrifying ghosts as he travels between different manors in an attempt to save his brother.

Poltergust’s utility is greatly exaggerated in Dark Moon. Instead of just being able to suck in ghosts and banish small objects, Luigi must use Poltergust to control and carry a plethora of objects, handles, valves, and switches to navigate the game’s puzzles. Dark Moon also introduces the Dark Light Device, which reveals hidden doors and objects using special lights.

Since the game was made for the 3DS, it took full advantage of the Nintendo Network and introduced a multiplayer game mode was available locally and online as the ScareScraper minigame. Critics and fans alike loved the sequel, despite the long hiatus between games one and two, and it was praised for its creativity and mind. Final, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon sold 5.4 million copies worldwide.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3

The third installment in the series didn’t take long to come out, releasing on Nintendo Switch on Halloween 2019. Princess Peach appeared in her first series in the series. Luigi’s Mansion 3 when she, Luigi, Mario, three Toads, and Luigi’s recently adopted Polterpup travel to a luxury hotel for a weekend getaway. They arrive at the hotel, aptly named The Last Resort, and that very night Luigi wakes up to screams of terror from his friends.

Luigi can’t rest, as it turns out that the entire hotel staff are ghosts, and all are working for King Boo once again to kidnap the Mario Bros gang and trap them in the picture. Luigi and Polterpup narrowly escape, and must brave all 17 floors of the haunted hotel to rescue their friends, and they soon find and free Professor E. Gadd from a painting . Professor E. Gadd provided Luigi with a number of useful tools, including the Boo Tracker, a communication device, and most notably the Poltergust G-00.

Enter Gooigi, a Luigi-lookalike created from the ectoplasm. Gooigi can be used in single-player or local co-op and can get through vents and nets and walk on spiked floors, but instantly decomposes on contact with water. Many hotel quizzes ask both Luigi and Gooigi to complete, and as the doppelgangers and Polterpup pass by the hotel, they must fight and defeat the ghosts to get the buttons for the elevator, which eventually leads to the hotel’s rooftop.

Once again, Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a hit with players and critics, which received praise for the variety between the hotel floors and the implementation of Gooigi. Luigi’s Mansion 3 sold 9.6 million copies worldwide and was nominated for 23 different awards from 2019 to 2020. The game won seven of those awards for outstanding animation, game play Best family and best kids game.

No wonder Luigi’s Mansion franchise has been around for 20 years at this point. Fans of the series and the game’s excellent mechanics, art, and creativity have given it a power to last more than two decades. While nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo yet, it is likely that fans have yet to see the end of this creepy cat’s journey and rumors indicate that a fourth game coming out in the near future. Whether that’s true or not, it’s clear Luigi’s Mansion going nowhere for Nintendo fans.

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