Looking back at 1981 with Donkey Kong – Reverse Roles

Despite appearances, there’s a lot going on in Donkey Kong. In fact, the game made history for Nintendo in many ways. It took an important step on the path to creating the platforming genre, but it can best be described as a “climbing game”, as the action mostly takes place on a vertical plane.

Donkey Kong

It is considered Nintendo’s answer to the success of the escape video game Pac-Man, and marked their attempt to enter the North American market. The game was a huge success, and as we all know, the standout characters will become iconic for Nintendo.

In a rather unusual move for games at the time, Donkey Kong had a full, if not simple, storyline. Similar to King Kong, a gorilla kidnaps a young woman (Pauline), climbing out of reach of several large structures where he takes her hostage. A character originally unnamed but now familiar chases her, trying to rescue her from her captor in order to be reunited.

In fact, many people have made this comparison, including the attorneys at Universal. At the time, Nintendo was in the heat, and what followed was a tumultuous legal battle that ultimately worked in their favor, thanks to a chapter called John Kirby. As a result of his work defending Nintendo, he was thanked for having a character named after him (three guesses).

Donkey Kong Original

Yes, this was a time before Mario and Donkey Kong became the mascots we know and love today. 1981 marked a very different time when Mario was unknown, before being known as “Jumpman”, and Donkey Kong also had no name, as well as the game’s villain. The damn one in distress was named Pauline, who was a few years ago Princess Peach who we are all synonymous with being rescued by Mario.

Besides gameplay and characters, Donkey Kong has also become an icon thanks to its soundtrack. I say soundtrack, it’s a sample of five sounds played on a loop. Still, it works incredibly well, and is memorable and engaging in the same way as the movie’s famous theme The function is. Today, it’s instantly recognizable to most people, a testament to the game’s legacy.

On the subject of heritage, over the years, Donkey Kong has become one of the most popular games among speed enthusiasts, all in pursuit of the world record for fastest completion time. Some players finished the game in just over a minute, which is some achievement.

Donkey Kong 1

As you might expect, thanks to the success of Donkey Kong, a sequel is almost inevitable. The following year Donkey Kong Jr. was released, however surprisingly the roles were reversed. This time, Mario was quite unusual when he was cast as the villain when he kidnapped Donkey Kong. You play as the son of a gorilla, who sets out to save his father from a temporary evil plumber.

Other than the hugely successful Donkey Kong franchise that this game spawned, it has also been re-released several times over the years. It is considered by many to be one of Nintendo’s all-time classics, and as a result it appeared on many home consoles at the time, as well as being re-released on the Game Boy and the world. introduced on the Virtual Console service since its inception. on Wii.

Donkey Kong is an important game for so many reasons, and still fun to play, even 40 years later. From an arcade game meant to take on the giants of the day, it’s become an iconic and integral part of Nintendo, and by extension, historic video games. I’m sure you’ve played it all at some point, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend you go and check it out for yourself – Nintendo eShop will keep a copy in one form or another. | Looking back at 1981 with Donkey Kong – Reverse Roles


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